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Understanding Your Future Masters: Excel Saga Overview Part 10

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Volume 18
Mission 1: Kabapu plots violent strategy against Il Palazzo with his subordinates. Sumiyoshi is the only one with a shred of human compassion now that Watanabe has become a damaged individual since volume 15 when the once amnesiac Hyatt left him. As they plot they learn Il Palazzo is running for Mayor so Kabapu decides to run against him.

Excel/Teriha goes to one of his rallies overwhelmed with a feeling she can't describe. As she calms herself in an alley she overhears two people(Watanabe and Sumiyoshi) plotting Il's demise.

Mission 2: Excel/Teriha wants to help Il and needs weapons. She goes to Umi and Umi's not sure she understands Teriha. She traps Teriha within the lab so she won't do anything irrational.

That attack? The attempted "car accident" failed. With explosive results. Back at Kabapu HQ.
Matsuya: You don't look like you're doing much campaigning. How can you say you're going to win honestly?
Kabapu: We honestly have a great deal of cash! Money to spread rumors! Money for attack ads! Money to bribe elected officials!

Yeah... Kabapu wins despite being an exposed, corrupted man. Sumiyoshi... he just can't adapt to all this. Oh, and it was Egala who got hurt in the "car accident."

Mission 3: Dreams and memories collide as a hospitalized Egala realizes that president Excel is an impostor! Took a while.

Mission 4: Egala confides in Hyatt whose skeptical of the notion that their President is a fake. She informs Il of her suspicions and gets a job demotion.

Egala asks Hyatt: Don't you even care what happened to the real Excel?

Mission 5: After a night of drinking and eating, what later is revealed to be spoiled meat, Sumiyoshi and Watanabe have to cancel plans with Matsuya. So Iwata asks her to a movie.

Little talk of Ill Corp., Kabapu and the such. Iwata thinks they're on a date. The two run into Umi and Teriha. Matsuya believes she's seen Teriha before. Iwata, being a cyborg/android, collapses because he didn't get back to the lab to recharge. Now he has to be retrieved. Turns out he ignored all the warnings because he wanted to hang out with Matsuya.

Mission 6: Shiouji family(that includes Teriha) go to a hot spring. Putting him out of contact with Sumiyoshi because he needs help. It seems a confused Ropponmatsu II(or Nishiki) is at his home. especially after she collapses and he tries recharging her only for her to download his dating sim games into her memory. Awkward!

Some funny scenes with Iwata, Watanabe, and Matsuya.

Mission 7: Shiouji family is still at the springs. The situation with Sumi and Nishiki worsens. Matsuya and Iwata try to help to hilarious results.


Excel Saga volume 19 on June 19th according to one website. That's... 6 months!!! Volume 21 dropped in Japan late last year so by the time volume 19 drops, volume 22 should be out in Japan. Meaning, and I hope, one volume every six months.

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