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Understanding Your Future Masters: Excel Saga Overview Part 3

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Volume 5
Mission 1: Hyatt and Excel work at a cabin lodge during the winter for the recurring character of Mr. Owner. An ex-military man. Not much known about him but there's a flashback about how his friend Antonio died, which was because Mr. Manager chose to end his suffering. Sumiyoshi, Watanabe and Iwata are trying to make their way up but get lost. Mince tries playing with an active grenade and ends up destroying the cabin. Nice kick off, huh?

Mission 2: Valentines day and Matsuya views at as another day, though Iwata tries hard to get some attention from her. Eventually she buys him some pocky(chocalate covered stick cookie) snacks.

Mission 3: Excel is thinking a career change from her current position working part time at a grocery. This is after the manager notices some items missing. As Excel is taking out trash into the alley she notices suspicious men and then stumbles upon a brown bag which has a pistol in it. "I don't get it. Did daddy pick this up for the kids and just forget it after his pre-commute bender..." Excel says while toying around what she believes to be a fake. She rushes home with it after realizing it's real.

Hyatt's home, sick, and Excel works out what to do with the piece. At firsts he fantasizes about life with the gun but then decides to ditch it. She returns to the alley the next day to leave it only to see cops. The next morning the alley's covered with cops. As Excel works out how to get rid of the gun her very presence in the home is effecting Hyatts state so much Excel has to retrieve more medicine. At the pharmacy, she mistakenly pulls her gun instead of her wallet and scares the clerk, leading her to run from the scene.

"Oh God! Oh Buddha! Please know if you really do exist... YOU'RE BOTH MY ENEMIES!!!"-Excel

Then fires into the sky to bring out the suspicious gangster types. Excel flees and tosses the gun. Kabapu finds it, thinking its a fake, and fires it taking out a piece of his hair-and effecting his personal balance.

Mission 4: Secretary Momochi informs Kabapu that the gun he found tied to an illegal arms smuggling ring. She's already started the process to track them down, and dispose of the minor criminal ring. Kapabu's hair is now featuring an attachment which allows him to keep his balance, and for some of the others to continue their mockery of him behind his back.

Mission 4 introduces the supporting character of Professor Shiouji. In his introduction he's seen outside his car watching little girls and speaking to Dr. Kabapu. On his way to meet the doctor, he runs into excel(or Excel jumped out in front of the car leading it to swerve). She checks inside and is abducted by what turns out to be an automated car with strong feelings for it's creator. jealous it attempts to drive them both off an unfinished freeway into the water. Shiouji uses his emergency ejector seat toe scape leaving Excel to die. Though he does order a salvage crew.

Mission 5: Excel finds a new underground route to HQ which puts Hyatts worries to rest. Il Palazzo seems, well, his usual nonchalant self. Back at the department Kabapu introduces the staff to their new co-worker: Ropponmatsu. Ropponmatsut is instantly a hit with Iwata who become infatuated after first glance. They attempt to go out to lunch but Matsuya notices something wrong first when she notes her doll like presence in their first meeting and then when they all try to share the same elevator. All the while Hyatt and Excel are looking to deliver a package for Il Palazzo and then retreat. The civil servants, on the way to lunch they spot the box where Excel and Hyatt dropped it after Hyatt collapsed and spit out blood all over it. Ropponmatsu detects a time bomb inside where Excel and Hyatt dropped the package after Hyatt collapsed and spit out blood. Ropponmatsu contacts HQ as her co-workers are confused. Dr. Kabapu arrives to instruct Ropponmatsu and the others. Roppon attempts to defuse the bomb but it explodes killing her.

Mission 6: Kabapu sends in the SWAT team(or Defense Army, whatever) in to seal off the scene and detain spectators including his own staff. Begins the disinformation campaign.

"Yes! Blow up a building or two that aren't important as camouflage if you must."

Soon Kabapu is meeting with Prof. Shiouji who built Ropponmatsu. Seems that salvage crew was to locate her body from the river where Excel was left to die(apparently she broke through the armor windows). He had told Kabapu to wait 36 hours before using her but he didn't listen. Seems Kabapu provided the professor with the technical data and Shiuji built it with that information. Shiouji says that he will create a replacement model that's lighter and of different material.

The detained staff was blindfolded and hauled off city limits to a secret detainment center. Kabapu retrieves them and explains that Ropponmatsu was a robot. Next day Shiouji meets the staff and introduces a petite, teenage girl version Ropponmatsu II. Iwata hates her while Roppon II takes to Matsuya as her big sister. Somewhere Il Palazzo senses some disappointment in his enemy.

Mission 7: Back track a day when Excel was fleeing with Hyatt on her back, from the package they were suppose to deliver. Excel takes Hyatt to the hospital hoping to get a blood transfusion for her. Meanwhile Dr. Iwata goes to check out the explosion and gets detained. Excel, after stealing a nurses outfit and giving stolen blood to Hyatt, leaves her to find the package. The place she returns has no sign of Il Palazzos case, nor of any sign of an explosion. Dr. Iwata returns a changed man. Hoping to amend the problems he's caused the hospital in the past. Which includes helping Hyatt who he finds. Excel hurries to the rescue with a swift kick and retreats to HQ. Where Il Palazzo seems to know there was success in his soldiers mission.

-Skip Bonus Fantasy Mission-

Volume 6
Mission 1: Excel and Hyatt look to return to HQ which has magically disappeared. excel leaves Hyatt to go look for another entrance. Ropponmatsu II moves into the apartment complex where here co-workers live. Iwata is very angry at this turn of events. Excel returns to get Hyatt only to find the HQ has reappeared, with a new look, and Il Palazzo wearing a new outfit.

Mission 2: Ropponmatsu II invites her co-workers to lunch, though she herself can't actually eat. They(Iwata, Sumiyoshi, Watanabe, and Matsuya) go to a steak house where Excel and Hyatt are working undercover to learn about the food services and earn money to pay rent. The steakhouse is pushing chicken because an over abundance but since Iwata is demanding steak excel is sent to retrieve it. Though she learns they slaughter cows on the spot(!?). Excel fights the steer through the restaurant, into the streets causing a rig to swerve and destroy the restaurant. Eventually her and steer are out to sea.

Luckily our main players got out alive and Kabapu, on his way, figures it'll be fine to skip the festivities.

Mission 3: Ordinary day for everyone? Roppon II adjusts to life at her new home as Shiouji monitors her from his lab. Watanabe comes home to find Iwata and Sumiyoshi made copies of his keys. This is after Iwata rushes into his room thinking his bed was levitated by a spirit(actually Roppon II burrowing up into his room from under). Matsuya tries keeping in shape, while dodging her boss who goes to her gym. Excel and Hyatt dine on a mix of mayonnaise, water, and bread crusts. Plus Hyatt tries fixing Excels uniform but doesn't quite get it right.

Mission4: Hiyako is a lost little girl who runs into Excel and Hyatt. Excel and Hyatt try helping her but she seems extremly confused by everything. Excel and Hyatt grab her to dodge suspicious men in black suits and cars. After getting away Excel considers "destruction of ecidence" but Hyatt thinks that getting to ahead of themselves. Hiyako now believes their evil doers because they've kidnapped her. Hyatt tries explaining their not evil though they are trying to take over the city. Kabapu gets a call from "the chairman" asking for assitance in this matter but he turns them down. Excel, carrying Hyatt and Hiyako run away, up a building. then the wheels in Excel's head start turning.

Problem 1: Kid knows too much->Problem 2: Pursued by bad guys->Option: Abandon kid to them and run.

Analysis: 93% chance kid meeting horrible fate. ->Outcome 1: Kid never heard from again. Outcome 2: Hyatt and I escape.->A two-birds-with-one-stone denouement.

Excel launches Hyatt over the building and follows her ditching the girl(and some how surviving the fall). The suspicious men turned out to be working for her grandfather, Mr. Kinshu Iwata! The chairman of Iwata Medical Association. Il Palazzo uses a measure of punishment for his soldiers late arrival and their state. That means Excel down a pit and Hyatt dropped a few inches. How equal his to lackey's are.

Mission 5: Excel tries some of Hyatt's omelet, unaware it's laced with various medication. Causing her to collapse and have various dreams.

Mission 6: Iwata awakens to a naked Roppon II in his bed. Ashamed, at first thinking it was a random little girl, awakens Watanabe. The two go to talk to Matsuya hoping she can help when Shiouji interrupts. He's there to retrieves her. the next day Ropponmatsu I moves into that apartment and Iwata is elated with joy. The two, along with Watanabe, go to lunch when Roppon catches excel and Hyatt from falling off a scaffold(they're new job involves cleaning windows of skyscrapers) and incidentally taking out both Iwata and Watanabe. Excel takes Hyatt to retreat but Ropponmatsu goes after them hoping to help Hyatt who she notices to be dead. After tracking them down in an ally she collapses and the monitor feed Shiouji has on her cuts out after standing face to face with Excel. Follows are scenes with Kabapu and Il Palazzo in deep thought, planning.

Mission 7: Excel, now with a cured Hyatt, try waking Ropponmatsu to no luck. Excel notices her weight as she's been lugging her around. They try taking her to the hospital in a cart but the cart slips away and crashes into a building causing a fire. Excel and Hyatt retreat but Ropponmatsu awakens, this time fit to survive an explosion. At the office Ropponmatsu explains to co-workers she carries the same memories despite frame/personality changes.

Part 4

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