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Understanding Your Future Masters: Excel Saga Overview Part 7

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Introduction & Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
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Well, apparently volume 16(the summary I read spoiled a major surprise. But brings up more possibilities for this series to continue far longer than I thought it could. Of course it’s simple scenario seemed like a 5 book deal tops) comes out in September and I had the basic breakdowns for volume 14-15 done sense, well, since around the same time as my last update. Maybe I’ll just do volume 14... Nah… volume 15 too.

Anyway, as you can tell things have heated up a bit in the past volumes with Egalas introduction, the group relocating homes, and efforts by both the department and Across. Volume 14 is definitely where the **** hit’s the fan. But volume 15 brings a surprising new direction. Almost a new beginning. Well, **** hit’s the fan a few chapters into volume 15 but the lead up is brilliant.

Volume 14
Mission 1: Feeling disappointed in the aftermath of the failed abduction of Ropponmatsu I Excel leads Egala and Hyartt to a store for some supplies. Egala continues her complaining about buying bulk.

“Big box retailers in our neighborhood crushing traditional society through globalization! I like it!”-Excel

Egala causes Excel to lose her 100 yen coin and leads to a fight in a channel ditch between the two. Suniyoshi sees this on his way to work and relates it to his co-worker. Egala and Excel, as well as Hyatt, return. Egala and excel are looking to clean themselves off by the hot waters off. Hyatt has one of her deaths due to a methane leak. This cause their apartment to blow up. The three flee to a park where Excel tries toe xplain how they can clean themselves off with the public drinking fountain. Egala starts crying and they attract a crowd, including Ropponmatsu II. Since I and II are essentially the same robot with different bodies and personalities Roppon II recognizes the two.

Mission 2: Excel, concerned with the onlookers, says they can go to a bath house. Miwa Shiouji has Roppon II follow the girls. Prof. Shiouji finds out, after Miwa disappears(which begs to ask more questions about what Miwa’s personal plans are), and also recognizes the girls. Contacts Matsuya on an encrypted line and gives her a heads up about how Kabapu will no doubt employ the team to follow this up. Once there Matsuya and Roppon II go in first, much to the dismay of Iwata. Shiouji, working his own angle, puts the surveillance on 5 minute delay. He’s watching and altering some data.

Inside Excel is annoyed about how Egala wants to lounge all day inside. Until Excel spots the Daitenzin. She tries readying the others and soon finds herself sharing a brief conversation with Matsuya behind a door. Matsuya trying to gather more information about Across and Il palazzo as well as see if they know anything about Kabapu and Tenmangu Shiouji(Prof.s father if you’re just paying attention). Iwata however interrupts this talks by breaking down a wall. In the confusion the Across team splits up and runs. Excel and Egala pretty much naked fleeing while Watanabe encounters Hyatt, who he knows as Mrs. Ayasugi, and finding out she works for the enemy. He is ordered to arrest her.

Mission 3: Explosion at the bath house thanks to the elderly woman who works there lighting up while gas pipes were broken. Watanabe awakens and remembers what happed in the last few days as he is now living with Ayasugi/Hyatt. Nabe is her care taker as Ayasugi seemed to suffer severe amnesia. Nabe deals with personal questions at work while trying to work through his shyness regarding his feelings for her. Dr. Kabapu and his secretary Momochi discuss her amnesia and how Watanabe was the only non Across member to have regular contact with Ayasugi which is why she could only remember him during hypnotic interrogation. Nabe wants to resign and marry her but Kabapu isn’t going to allow that.

Mission 4: Iwata and Roppononmatsu II are fighting and we get a flashback about how they were chasing Excel and Egala a few days back during the situation at the bath house. They lost the two after Ropponmatsu II crashed into a wall. Excel and Egala are able to acquire clothes however are once again spotted by their pursuers. They escape due to Roppon II and Iwata’s constant fighting. Which of course leads to needless destruction of their immediate surroundings. Especially how he throws Roppon II as a missile in one scene. Her revenege involved pointing Iwata in their direction which was really setting him up to get hit by a subway train. Back to present and Nabe goes home happy and the physical violence between Roppon II and Iwata ends with him pinned under concrete. Luckily he’s a cyborg(sort of). Oh, and for you menchi fans, he escaped the blast and is found on the street by Excel and Egala in this story.

Mission 5: There’s a murder mystery at the hot springs lodge that Kabapu is staying at. No major plot points. The important aspects deal with excel and Egala returning to their a place of work by the beach from Vol. 12 Mission 1. They get adrift trying to fish and get picked up by Mrs. Manager and Mr. Owner in a battle ship. Mrs. Manager managed that noodle diner from Vol. 12 which is when she was last seen. Mr. Owner was last seen alongside Mrs. Manager back when Egala debut in volume 7.

Mission 6: Excel and Egala is awaken by battleships firing. Owner was doing some heavy fishing and speaks about how he planned to turn the battleship into a luxury liner. Egala and excel discover there’s a large crew on the ship that’s essentially un powered and floating right now. Kabapu is alerted to this ship but passes it along to someone else to handle. A sub attacks the ship after Owner fires on it thinking it was a whale. Owner goes down with the ship as the crew and Mrs. Manager escapes. The sub is not Japanese and Excel and Egala are captured by the Maritime Safety Agency.

Volume 15
Mission 1: Hard working Watanabe is trying to prepare a future for him and Ayasugi. Earning extra money, learning how to be a proper man, and finally popping the question. As they are starting to become intimate, with Kabapu and Momochi doing “surveillance”, Il Palazzo comes to retrieve Hyatt. Hyatts memories return and she not only leaves with him but stops Watanabe from attacking him. He is instantly crushed. Kabapu orders his men to follow as Iwata finds the worst possible time to show up and gets beat upside the head by Watanabe with a bat sending him face first into the ground in front of Matsuya and Sumiyoshi.

Mission 2: Kapabu’s men follow Il and Hyatt and occasionally confiscating things he touches or looks at it. Il and Hyatt appear to be on their way to the base. Small bits in the taxi and bus. They even stop for food. Kabapu leaves command center when he realizes they are close by. He sees the two in an alley teleporting.

“Long time no see… Zeex.”-Il Palazzo.

Excel and Egala are in prison, sharing a cell, and Excel comments: Free room and board. For those how had to struggle for these things, prison is not without it’s advantages.”

Mission 3: Excel and Egala are being moved to another prison. They try making an escape which involves fighting the jailers. They end up in sea and have to deal with the sharks. The captain of the ship says they’ll just write it off as being shot trying to escape. The two meet a fake priest on an abandoned island. Another man who was prison bound but escaped. He wants them to help him serve the lord but they don’t want to. Il Palazzo comes to retrieve the two but somehow excel gets left behind.

Mission 4: Prof. Shiouji is making amends to Ropponmatsu I per Kabapu’s requests. Momochi informs Kabapu that stocks are on the rise and several construction projects are underway in the city. Sumiyoshi talks about a new electronics store. Watanabe returns to work, this is about a few days or a few weeks later, in a happy mood. Excel is still on the island trying to fend off the evil priest. Oh, and Ropponmatsu I has disappeared.

Mission 5: Months past and Matsuya watches as her co-workers are getting into a new cheap electronics store. Apparently great items that are company brand and with great service. Not only Sumiyoshi but Iwata and Watanabe have been purchasing things there. Nabe indulging on the more hentai related stuff. The brand is ILL. Momochi and Kabapu talk. It’s been 112 days since Roppon I went missing. Prof. Miwa, Shiouji’s mother, is missing. Also a bid to update the city’s information system had been put in and finished ahead of schedule with 70% below budget. Shock to Kabapu. Momochi granted the bid but checked the schematics with Shiouji who said they were indeed good. She mentions that the company that sells her ILL brand laptop did the job. Matsuya checks out the store, after the game she was lent by Sumi who bought it from the store, and is shocked that it’s everything she’s heard. Buying more then expected. She tries going in a pseudo disguise but is recognized by her co-workers.

Egala and Hyatt are living the high life in a plus luxury apartment. With a fat menchi enjoying life. They enter a building and meet up with president Excel!

Mission 6: excel briefs her employees(thats Egala and Hyatt) on one of Il Palazzos plans. It seems Il is playing economics for his world domination goals and its starting to work. Excel is no longer the hyperactive, paranoid, prone to lack-of-confidence, and some times worrisome woman she once was. She is now a well spoken woman of class. Excel operates as second to command to Il Palazzo. Egala and Hyatt are the leg women. They do opts spying on the mayor and city council to dig up dirt. The city is indeed corrupt. Kabapu however is worried. His companies bid on a construction project fell through and his stocks aren’t doing that wel. He finds that the mayor he helped put in office is being accused of embezzlement. At an awards ceremony he meets ILL Corporations head honcho Il palazzo. Kabapu is stunned and the two trade inside jabs. One in which Il asks if he lost his dolls(reference to Ropponmatsu).

Ends with Umi finding a body in the rain. (this is where the next volume spoiled me. Oh well… December to September wait was killing me. I needed info!)


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