Thursday, January 8, 2009

Catching Up With Oscar Hopefuls

I saw Slumdog Millionaires last weekend and I have to say, fine film. Different than I expected. Though I guess I didn't know what to expect. All I knew was it had a boy looking for the love of his life and the Indian version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Its more than that, taking you through the life of Jamal Malik and how the events of his life shaped him and helped to play the game despite being a slum dog. A visually stunning film with good performances all around. Definitely recommended. I don't think it'll get much in he way of Oscar nominations though, sadly. I'm sure the critics will be sadden too.

Wall-E, the Pixar/Dinesy film, is amazing. I am so mad at myself for not seeing it as I planned back when it was in theaters. This touching film about a trash compactor robot who falls for a probe robot in a dystopian future where the humans live in outer space as the planet is supposed to get cleaned up is amazing. Really, I was touched. This will win the best animated feature award but as far as I'm concerned should be in the best picture race. A bunch of critics agree with me if you check out the wiki profile.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was good. Brad Pitt turned in a good performance but... I was not as enthralled in the film as everyone else seems to be. Its a good looking film with a strong story. I definitely see Brad getting a nomination but I don't think he deserves the win. Still, if you have about 3 hours to burn you'll probably like this movie about a man living in reverse, born old and getting younger. Cate Blanchett was very beautiful and did a great job in her role.

I'll be seeing the Wrestler and Gran Torino next. Not exactly interested in Milk. For some reason, despite not seeing many of his movies, I just don't like Sean Penn. I also didn't see Brokeback Mountain. I know I'd probably like both films but I don't have the interest to see them. What other Oscar hopefuls are out to look at, I wonder... Oh... Doubt. Probably skip that one too.

I never heard of the African-American Critics Association but they picked the Dark Knight as best film of 2008. Wow. Heaths won damn near every time he's been nominated.

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