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Understanding Your Future Masters: Excel Saga Overview Part 6

Table of Contents
Introduction & Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
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Finding pix of Shioji is tough so this might be the last of them.

Also, a lot of information is explained within these two chapters.

Volume 12
Side Story: A companion piece featuring a spotlight on Professor Gojyou Shiouji and his cousin Umi Rengaya. Opens with a bit of history on Shiouji. He is the son of a scientist and biologist. His father, Tenmangu Shiouji, left him and his mother Miwa when Gojyou was only 6. Afterwards his mother started to become more and more physically affectionate to her son which warped him. After his first meeting with his younger cousin Umi, he initially decided to dedicate himself to her life but that changed as she got older. Umi now dedicates her life to comfort her cousin whose consumed with his own work as she assists him as an intern and his families lab. Coincidentally located near a children’s park.

The several short stories are supplementary and don’t have any real bearing on continuity but show why Dr, Kabapu couldn’t get in contact with him in earlier stories as well as what delayed Iwatas return as a cyborg. The stories really focus on him enjoying sitting at the bench by the park while his some what air headed cousin, Umi, who dresses in various cosplay style outfits tries to get him to answer the phone or try some food she made. There’s also a man named Heisuke Matsunobu whose presence is just for extra comedy effect.

Mission 1: Kabapu and Momochi discuss the bombings that occurred in volume 11 mission 8. Various contractors and owners who were to start demolition but were slow to start the renewal are outraged. Though now, with the demolition out of the way, construction on various projects on those sites is moving quickly. Kabapu admits to having considered destroying the sights himself. After Momochi leaves Kabapu starts to believe himself and Il Palazzo are on the same wavelength.

Our Across girls get a job at a diner on the beach run by Mrs. Manager from Mission 6 of volume 7. Hyatt has one of her collapses and is left in the shade by Excel and Egala. Later that night Excel, Egala and Manager are firing off bottle rockets. Egala accidentally blows up a near by facility. The facility was owned by Kabapu who, once hearing about the destruction, orders for the debris to be cleared away. Hyatt seems to have been barely alive through the night and still out when Excel and Egala find out hey forgot about her.

Mission 2: The department(and Ropponmatsu II/Second-Chan) go to the beach. They were suppose to train at the special facility but as you know from the last story it got blown up real good. Now they’re just on vacation. Watanabe goes out looking for shade but finds Hyatt/Mrs. Ayasugi. He takes her for a boat ride while Iwata decides to try and chase them down and ruin things for Watanabe. With Second-Chan chasing right behind him. “Love is more amusing and passionate when obstacles are placed in its way”-Iwata. Nabe and Ayasugi get out to sea but lose the oars in a tidal wave caused by Iwata(and his cyborg body). Hyatt tries to explain she has a brick of gold to repay her and her roommates debt to him while Nabe tries to express his love for her. At that optimal moment she collapses again. Nabe needs to do CPR but perverted images float through his mind.

Mission 3: Shiouji remembers back to when he first met his cousin, Umi. His daydreams are interrupted by Umi whose older and specifically more grown up. She hands him a telephone with Kabapu whose asking if he had spoken with his father or if his mother, Miwa, has spoken to his father. Shiouji has not on both counts and talks with Umi about his fathers disappearance and his mothers change in personality afterwards. At his office Kabapu and Momochi discuss Miwa while Shiouji prepares to make a trip to the beach to retrieve Iwatas body from underwater.

Mission 4: As Watanabe is finally going to give Ayasugi CPR they are met by a ship. Once their helped on board they’re held hostage by modern day pirates. Ayasugi awakens, confused, as is Watanabe on how she revived herself. The ship however gets knocked for a loop by a submarine. This sends both Watanabe and Ayasugi into the sea. The sub is manned by Shiouji who sends Second-Chan to rescue Nabe while Ayasugi, unbeknownst to Shiouji and Second Chan, floats away. Iwata ends up washing ashore, as does Hyatt who just returns to work though covered in seaweed. Nabe’s in the hospital worried and second Chan admits to Matsuya she doesn’t know if Ayasugi was with him or not.

Mission 5: Hyatt gets cleaned up as Excel and Egala end up arguing on how “fine” Hyatt is. Egala is worried she was sexually assaulted because of how she returned. Though Excel thinks she’s just being Hyatt at her most casual. The girls get paid and Mrs. Manager speaks about how the hotel(way back in her first appearance) will rise again. The girls return home to find Mince almost starved to death in their home.

Kabapu contemplates the bombings still. “Yes, I do sense his hand in this. I’m certain he ahs resurfaced. And things that I feared might happen someday are already happening.”In his head he goes over not being fully prepared for attacks on this level. About not being ready with the technology and robotics that his staff is employing as they are not yet perfect. He wonders about Shiouji’s father because his disappearance delayed his plans and how he refuses to contact Miwa. Kabapu and Matsuya visit the staff(minus Nabe in the hospital) and after speaking with Iwata Kabapu in his head determines he needs Tenmangu.

Matsuya and Sumiyoshi run into Hyatt/Ayasugi and ask her to accompany them to visit Watanabe. She explains how she survived to him even though Sumi and Matsuya think she’s just humoring him. Il is not at HQ, instead he’s in a mysterious location plotting.

Volume 13
Mission 1: Miwa Shiouji returns to the shock of her son by infiltrating and disarming the security system which includes second Chan. She showers her son with physical embrace as she does with Umi and Second Chan. Seems she rewrote Second-Chans command priorities. They discuss the fact Kabapu is looking for Tenmangu Shiouji briefly before Miwa up and leaves to her personal lab. Umi and Shiouji discuss the fact they’ve never been in her lab as its been locked and couldn’t figure how to get in, including sending Ropponmatsu to try and break in. After Umi tries using “open sesame” Shiouji tries a spoken password(whispered) which lets them in. they look around and find old pictures of Miwa from years back. Miwa more or less looks only several years older then any of the other women running around in this series.

The Across girls are waiting around for Il Palazzo to return. Spending time saluting a cardboard cut out Egala made.

Mission 2: The women of Across bum rush a news team and get spotted by a producer as they promote the word of Il Palazzo. Thinking they’re wannabe idols. They do some public speaking about Il Palazzo and Across while Kabapu meets with Miwa to talk about Tenamnagu and finding a “ruin.” A hologram of Il Palazzo looms over the city for thousands to see and hear. The girls rush to HQ as Kabapu watches and wanders about Il’s goals.

Mission 3: The staff(Matsuya, Iwata, Watanabe, and Sumiyoshi) see the hologram as do many on the street and ones at home watching the news before its cut off by the government. The staff is assembled in their battle suits to see Kabapu in his native dress. To the shock, dismay, and embarrassment of his employees. Kabapu explains who Il Palazzo is.

He is the mastermind of the organization we regard as our enemy.-Kabapu
When you say “we” do you mean “you and Mrs. Momochi?”-Matsuya
Surely you did not mean us, dokta.-Sumiyoshi
It is an established fact you are included in the we.-Kabapu.
“Established fact“?-Watanabe

Kabapu explains why the Department of Environmental Safety was invented. To stop Il and destroy the over technology that could destroy the world. Matsuya wants to quit but Kabapu makes it clear she knows too much and she would have to live under strict protection. Also admits to hiring the four cause they lived in the same apartment complex, past applicants died in hiring process.

Kabapu is from Solaria. An advanced civilization that existed 20,000 years in the past. Solaria vanished with few survivors and remains. “I have made it my task to seek out these scattered devices, and destroy them.” Kabapu explains he lays dormant from time to time until he senses a danger. He feels Il Palazzo possesses the source of Soalrias destruction. The staff, needless to say, think they deserve a raise. And get two weeks leave.

Mission 4: The trio are sent to the enemies “stronghold” to abduct Ropponmatsu I. Undercover are the group as Excel and Hyatt work as janitors and Egala as an office worker. When the trio run into Ropponmatsu they try different ways of capturing the robot. Excel tries tying her up at first to no avail but Egala shocks her down. Kabapu finds out her system went off line and once abck she’ll go into a violent self-preservation mode. He calls in SWAT while Egala and Excel, unaware she’s a robot(though Excel had ran into her once before and had to carry her back in vol. 6 and missions 6-7. Once Ropponmatsu awakens she destroys Egalas stun gun and chases the two but slips on the floors Hyatt heavily waxed and falls out the window. which is many floors up. The Across women escape to report to Il Palazzo and Ropponmatsu survives. Matsuya meanwhile was detained trying to flee the country.

Mission 5: Kabapu and Miwa Shiouji meet and talk by an indoor pool. Kabapu mentions the attempt at abducting Ropponmatsu I. How he needs her to be perfect for his ultimate goal. Miwa speaks on her son finish the culmination of her husbands work which is Ropponmatsu. She is to reach and open the gate of the Ruin and confront what is inside. He talks about Ropponmatsus core being the ruler of Solaria. How he hid “her majesty” inside the core. He continues on about destroying the ruin and mentions having used “dead men souls” to accomplish some of his goals. Miwa asks why he never sued his resources to just conquer the world but he is against that idea.

Prof. Shiouji and his assistant/cousin Umi enter Miwas lab. Shiouji uses her computer to look for information on his father. He finds notes left by his dad, tenmangu Shiouji, about the birth of his son Gojyou Shiouji and the development of Ropponmatsu I. It leads into information on the Ruin, Solaria, ancient science and technology, and wanderings about Kabapu. He discovers his father was years ahead of where he is now and that his mother can exchange information with his father. The files, though, were left on the computer by his mother for him to find.

Mission 6: Matsuya approaches Shiouji outside his lab with questions regarding many things that have been happening of late. They talk about Kabapu but all Shiouji knows about him is that he financed his fathers research twenty years ago. Matsuya comments on Kabapu having the police and government in his pocket. They discuss Ropponmatsu and the holograms. Shiouji tells Matsuya that the power source for the Ropponmatsu units was provided by Kabapu and believes it was his fathers invention. Matsuya asks about their battle suits. Shiouji answers that they were tailored after Kabapus instructions. Lightweight, enhances strength, good in hot and cold environments. The material that was used to make them was fabric that was provided by Kabapu and was also used in the development of the Ropponmatsu units. Shiouji admits to her that Ropponmatsu II was specifically designed by him for independent studies.

They retreat to his labs lobby. Umi, dressed like a DOA girl Kasumi, gets the two coffee(and seems a little jealous of her cousins company). Shiouji explains that he only cooperates with Kabapu to further his own research and to learn what Kabapu knows about his father. They speak about Kabapus plans as well as the mysterious Il Palazzo. Miwa enters the scene and greets Matsuya quite affectionately.

“There’s something artificial about your mothers… sexuality.”-Matsuya.

The two part and Shiouji invites her to return to talk if she needs too. He says “This may be the only place safe to talk.”

Bonus mission. Fantasy story set in hospital.


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