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Understanding Your Future Masters: Excel Saga Overview Part 2

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Introduction & Part 1

Volume 3
Mission 1: Quick summary of Across' goal to take over the city as the first step to world conquest. Plus reviewing the fact Excel and Hyatt have to support themselves with part-time jobs during a recession and are generally poor.

This story they take temp jobs on a mayoral campaign and also to gather information on the possible new mayor as well as the voting system in Fukoaka. It turns out that the mayors campaign team had plan to release a last minute voters kit to certain areas but had to be redone when damaging information on the prime minister, who the mayoral candidate had inserted a picture of the prime minister and himself shaking hands into the voters kit, had to be removed. The prime minister had just gotten caught up in some sort of scandal. We also learn here that Excel and Hyatt really know nothing about whose running the country or any of the major players in Japanese politics. The two get paid, plus a bribe to vote. We also learn this potential mayor is in the pocket of our Dr. Kabapu.

Mission 2: During the opening Il Palazzo speech we witness again Il Palazzos weird memory lapses as he forgets the job titles he assigned his subordinates. Excel and Hyatt take jobs giving away prizes in order to give away free phones and make people sign contracts. Ties into Il Palazzo's speech on information exchange. Excel, in her mind, equates orientation and boss' to minions of Satan.


Boss: Yebo ruoy retsam! Retsam!

Does everyone have a cell? Iwata feels excluded from his co-workers(Watanabe and Sumiyoshi) so he goes to the giveaway to get one. Even trades a free VCR(a high prize) to get one. Poor Watanabe buys a second one because Mrs. Ayasugi's(alias Hyatt) selling.

Mission 3: Health care concerns? Il sends his subordinates undercover to gather information. We once again meet Dr. Iwata and nurse Fukuya. Dr. Iwata, of course, turns out to be taking bribes to push a new set of pills from a pharmaceutical company. Excel and Hyatt blend in easy, so much their sent out on jobs. Hyatt shows an aptitude for the job, which no doubt has something to do with her many deaths.

Misaka Matsuya takes (Norikuni)Iwata to the hospital where we finally see the good doctor and his cousin face to face. This is also where we find out how Dr. Iwata got his facial scars(damn google can't find me a pic) as his cousin slashed him with surgical tools while he slept. He holds a grudge, obviously. Iwata was injured by Matsuya after he offended her. The doctor uses a syringe with some drug to put his cousin to sleep. This is before Dr. Iwata explains his hate and how he wants to enact a gruesome revenge. The nurse puts Dr. Iwata down and Misaki eventually just leaves Iwata out in the gutter.

Hyatt and Excel are spotted by the nurse, who recognizes them from volume 1: mission 7. Tells them to just leave. Quickly they get separated and Excel looks for Hyatt who goes missing, when she ended up dead in the morgue.

Mission 4: Everyone has various dream sequences. The end. Oh, except the final pages where we have Il Palazzo and Kabapu standing around plotting against one another because somehow they know each other exists to oppose the other.

Mission 5: Snow day. The civil servants are off from work and as they plan to go out, the run into Mrs. Ayasugi/Hyatt(after she awakens from death while Excels out). She joins them. Some violence between Iwata and Watanabe(of course). Iwata then ticks off Matsuya with a snowball, she responds in kind knocking him out. Hyatt offers some of her pills which puts Iwata back onto his feet, briefly, before becoming sick. Matsuya recommends a "special" hospital where Iwata's cousin works.

Mission 6: Security breach at Across HQ has Excel and Hyatt responding with extreme measures. Except the control room to protect Across is analog. Filled with levers, pulleys, and voice tubes. No buttons, switches, or even monitor screens. As they plan to fend of the intruders we learn Iwata, Sumiyoshi, Watanabe, and Matsuya weren't sent down by Kabapu to explroe any suspicious activities. The group elect Iwata as leader to hold the new version of the laser gun appearing back in volume 2. This allows them to stand behind him and possibly out of harms way. They get that with a dropping wall blocking the path back and a sudden flood of the sewers. Excel and Hyatt get caught into it as well as their defense room is not the most well constructed. Before the flood and after the cage wall, the voice tubes carry the intruders voices up to their location where Excel remarks their voices where familiar somehow.

Mission 7: Il Palazzo has a screen to view the chaos. The servants get separated with Matsuya ending up with Iwata. Watanabe awakens with Hyatt and is confused. Excel appears with a jump kick to the head, knocking him out and retrieving her partner. Matsuya and Iwata find Sumiyoshi and then Watanabe whose collapses. He explains what happened. Sumi comments on it as a dream.

"Me guess is that dream wuz a reflection o' how ye hev th' secret desire t' abduct lasses ye are attracted to, an' then lock them away in spots like these, an' then toy wi' them, an' kill them"

Il watches as Excel opens a secret room, and is surprised. Then he blows out a door and floods the sewer. Matsuya looks up, annoyed, as if she knows she's being monitored.

Volume 4
Mission 1: The opening scene alludes to Il Palazzo communicating with someone in his dreams. He also seems to have forgotten the recent intrusion. At the department Matsuya lies, for the team, about their recent encounter. Also Iwata takes the blame for losing the fun(which turns out to be a non functioning replica and Kabapu had the working model, but didn't notice). Iwata's punishment is to frog hop the buildings stairway, Kabapu makes this punishment expecting his co-workers to stand up for him, but they don't.

Matsuya explains to Sumiyoshi and Watanabe that giving Kabapu the truth would send them back down in the sewer and they don't get paid enough for the dangerous work. Back in Hyatt and Excels home, Mince is using a gardening tool to pick away at the wall in secret, hoping to escape.

Mission 2: In Japan you can pay bills at the post office so Hyatt spends a little of their money to handle this while Excel looks to get some groceries. However Hyatt gets kidnapped on her way by a pair of bank robbers. They take her to their hidden cabin but Hyatt does well to use a bottle of pills to leave a trail for Excel to follow. The trail then becomes a bunch of dead birds. In the cabin, Hyatt's naive and questioning nature upsets one of the robbers who accidentally knocks her, while tied to a chair, over and killing her. They set the cabin on fire as Excel arrives, she rushes in to save her but Hyatt already escaped. the two try hitching a ride back home, where the robbers driving away spot them and fly off the side of the highway into the country side.

Mission 3: Tooth decay strikes Excel! Goes to the dental clinic which is connected with the hospital and Dr. Iwata is filling in that day. Nurse Fukuya tries supervising him as he wants to operate on the tooth by pulling it out. In an attempt to escape excel knocks out the tooth herself, before the Nurse strikes down Dr. Iwata.

"It was a baby tooth, right!?"-Doc.
"If you don't explain your actions to me, I have no choice but to assume the worst."-Nurse

Mission 4 : Introducing new supporting character Secretary Momochi, assistant to Dr. Kabapu. This story here is a spotlight on him. The two talk about the selection for the fifth member who died the night before, meaning they'll have to find someone else to fill the spot with the civil servants/employees. The new mayor drops by and Matsuya ponders to herself why would he come out to visit Kabapu instead of the other way around. The guys follow Kabapu and Momochi to a sushi bar where Iwata(with the thumbs up from the other two) spikes Kabapu's wasabi for a joke. As Matsuya is dropping off a report she finds a folder of pictures on Kabapu's desk from the training seminar as well as an old black and white picture from the doctor. Later she finds the location of the picture and notes how there is now a skyscraper behind the building the shot was taken in front of. Iwata, Sumiyoshi, and Watanabe get stuck with double the workload because of the practical joke.

Mission 5: Local newspaper gives out free tickets to the pool. Excel and Hyatt work out a way to claim it as an observation operation for Across. Excels gear is from a life guarding job, though the style is indicative, In Japan, of a school swim gear. Hyatt(as Mrs. Ayasugi) and Watanabe run in to one another. They talk briefly until a sip of Hyatts drink sparks a severe sickness in him where he has to be rushed to the hospital. Poor guy.

Mission 6: Excel coats over the wall where Mince was digging, crushing his fragile dreams. While walking down the street she gets hit. Hyatt passes out from the sight while Excel ends up in a public restroom with amnesia. She heads to the hospital and occasionally gets flashes of memory and in one moment finds herself crying uncontrollably. On a side note, Sumi and Iwata are on their way to the hospital when they run into Mrs. Ayasugi who declines to tag along as she searches for Excel.

Mission 7: Excel continues having flashes. She bumps into Kabapu for a moment. nothing important in that scene, but thought it's worth a note. Hyatt and Mince find her, however Hyatt collapses/dies and and Excel tries chasing the dog knowing that they know who she is. Upon her chase she falls into the channel and her memories come back, yet block out the period of time she went amnesiac. Though Mince is acting unusal after she was chased into the river by Excel.

Mission 8: Watanabe leaves the hospital early and returns to work searching for Iwata. Iwata vandalized him as he slept with permanent marker. Iwata takes off on vactaion but Watanabe finds him and beats him down. Both end up in hospital. Matsuya remarks: I suppose it was a fitting match up. One still recovering from near-fatal poisoning, the other a complete coward."

Il Palazzo envisions some door, and speaks with Hyatt and Excel about Excels recent amnesiac episode.

I actualy have notes done for volumes 5-6 but I'm tired. Peace out.

Part 3