Saturday, January 3, 2009

Coming Up...

Next week, or the week after, I will have up my December Favorites. Waiting on a package from Midtown Comics with Final Crisis Secret Files(only bought it for Frank Quitely cover), Green Lantern #36, JSA #22, and Teen Titans #66(which is the closest to getting dropped but since I've dropped almost half my list it won't be going anywhere for awhile).

For the time being Midtown will be my source of buying comics with occasional help from Amazon. Than by March all Mail Order Comics with the occasional help from Amazon since MOC I have to pay for three months in advance and Amazon pay right when it ships.

I have my Excel Saga piece written and have the pics picked out. It'll be up sooner than later.

Oh, and Slumdog Millionaire was an excellent movie. Check out. The Spirit was corny fun.

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