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NuDiana? JMS' Wonder Womans Progress Part: 7-With Phil Hester

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#38 Wonder Woman #605
Sales Figures: 35,495(down 1,910 units)

Proving that a higher ranking doesn't mean more sales. Now, Hesters first issue which was solicited before he was on board so, might need a couple issues before we see a difference.

CBR Revieww: 3 Stars
Bright Hub: B
Too Dangerous...: All in all, this is a huge improvement on the last few issues. Diana feels like the star of her own book, and it seems that the book is going somewhere. Phil Hester, I give you the Amazon Salute.
Weekly Comic Review: B-
Best Shots@Rama:[Artist Don Kramer]does trip up a little with the facial expressions, however -- for some reason, Wondy has this weird half-smile that causes a nostril to flare up, and it looks just a little goofy to me. The overall direction of Wonder Woman might still be up in the air, but with Hester on board, everything at least is getting stable.

Geek-O-Meter: B

Found this interesting.

This new abandoned TV show made me think just how many times have DC/Warner let the Wonder Woman fans down.
Here's the list and please add if I have missed something:

1. Cancelled cartoon in the 90's (Wonder Woman and the Star Riders)
2. Cancelled Tv show in the 90's
3. Cancelled movie with Sandra Bullock attached (though that was a blessing)
4. All Star Wonder Woman
5. Wonder Woman 10 cent adventure
6. Joss Whedon's firing from the scripting/directing duties
7. Half assed comic relaunch with Allan Heinberg
8. Amazons Attack
9. Again an half assed relaunch with JMS
10. TV show shelved again

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Someone added...

I'd add passing on Ben Caldwell's manga pitch and Darwynn Cooke's Wonder Woman pitch.


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