Sunday, October 31, 2010

NuDiana? JMS' Wonder Womans Progress Part: 5

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brettc1: This is perfectly true - Gail's book did not sell as well as the current figures.

Third JMS Issue-Issue #603 Rank: 41 Units: 38,852

Third Simone Issue-Issue (Vol .3) #16 Rank: 48 Units 42,863

Seven spots lower, 4K more units ordered.


It's impressive that WW went up 800 issues, especially when you keep in mind comics sales in total were down for the second month in a role. That, and this was the first issued ordered after retailers found out about the new costume and origin. So that has to say something.

Also, no reorders on 600-602.

Issue #606-607 will be the big test. That's when comic shops start to really adjust their orders based on demand of previous issues. I know I removed it from my subscription service after issue #604.

604 reviews
Comic Vine: The Verdict 2.5/5 So-So
IGN: 8.0
Weekly Comic Review: B+
Too Dangerous For a Girl Blog: I've given it four months. Please may I have the real Wonder Woman back now?
The Buy Pile: [Issue 604 lands in...] The "Meh" Pile Not good enough to praise, not bad enough to insult, not important enough to say much more than the title
Multiversity Comics: Final Verdict: 6.2 - Browse
iFanboy: Story: 5 - Excellent Art: 4 - Very Good
cxPulp: Overall 3/5
Newsarama: Best Shots: Wonder Woman #604 is resoundingly OK.

Average Rating=C

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Edit: I'm thinking of pulling this experiment(or personal project should be better to say) with another title. Maybe a Marvel book. I'll think about it...

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