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NuDiana? JMS' Wonder Womans Progress Part 4

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Over at the CBR column She Has No Head! is an interesting series of articles called Ladies Comic Project which is about:

[The premise was simple] Pull together some great ladies from as many age groups and walks of life as I could manage, women both familiar and not with comics, and let them pick a comic to read from the month of September and then make them tell me what they think.

Here's a little of what Jennifer G., who only has a little familiarity with comics had to say about our favorite Amazing Amazon with issue #602.

I sat down to read this issue of Wonder Woman with what I thought was open-minded curiosity. I didn’t know all that much about the character—other than she is a sometimes-Sapphic Amazon with super-human powers—and I wanted to learn about her world and her place within it. What kinds of villains does she face? What kind of hero is she? With no real preconceptions of Wonder Woman, my only expectation was that I’d develop a crush on yet another badass female character.

Sadly, no such crush developed. After a first reading, I didn’t find myself invested at all in the character. For one, Wonder Woman is annoyingly angst-ridden. Sure she trades her safety for that of a caravan of women, but her heroic reasons are muddled: she stays behind to uncover information about her personal history [ed. note: agree!]. And then there’s the fact that Wonder Woman constantly has to be bailed out of trouble. In one instance she is rescued; another obstacle simply vanishes; and a third is vanquished by pure luck.

The tortured hero certainly has its place in literature: look at the popularity of characters like Spider-Man and Xena. So why do Wonder Woman’s imperfections bother me so much? After reading the comic book a second time, I have come to the conclusion that I was not as open-minded as I’d thought. You can’t be disappointed in something you have no expectations about. If something about Wonder Woman feels lacking to me, it must be because I had been anticipating something else.

And about the costume...

In any case, really only one important question remains: what did I think of the costume? I suppose the black spandex pants and the poofy shrug are intended to make Wonder Woman look butch and edgy, but really, they just look ridiculous with her manicured red fingernails. I don’t see how her outfit is at all more practical than the old swimsuit look.

From the third part.

Now, the all the articles are good but of course I pointed out Wonder Woman because it was interesting to get an opinion from a woman on Wonder Woman's comic because ideally women should be into the character and her book. Plus this being a new reboot that DC has said on the solicit for issue #605: J. Michael Straczynski's blockbuster re-imagining of the Amazon Princess continues with a vengeance! Of course it would have been more interesting for several opinions but the article was not about that.

Now, there's been a few responses and I wanted to quote one that bothered me.

Lynda_Carter: Someone needs to send Jennifer a copy of the trade "The Circle" and THEN tell us what she thinks!

No she doesn't. She was part of a project and did her part. What is with fans thinking that people need to read this or read that or go back and check this out? Its bullshit. You read a single issue of a comic, and you don't like it, tell people why it turned you off.

Alright, next up, WW sales for issue #603 and reviews for #604.

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