Friday, October 1, 2010

NuDiana? JMS' Wonder Womans Progress Part 3

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'Sfar as the outfit goes, to me it just looks like they stuck pants on Wonder Woman, then threw on a bunch of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN costume-jewelry (and that silly jacket) to make it look like they did more than just stick pants on her.

My main annoyance is that if the point of the new costume was to draw in readers put off by her skimpy old outfit, they immediately sabotaged it by tossing in a bevy of T&A. Great job, people.-Forum poster Flying Saucers Over Oz

Ranking for #602: 41
Issues Order: Approx. 38,012
No Reorders for issues #600-601

Whether I was snarky or not, it wasn't my intention, the facts don't change that JMS has energized WW and made her significant again. He stirred things up and that is what is important. I do hope DC keeps this version of Diana so they can make a movie.-Forum poster Themysciranprince

603 reviews
Comic Book revolution: Overall: Wonder Woman #603 was another great read. Even though there is the problem with some inconsistent art, JMS story is able to make up for that. I have never been a Wonder Woman fan and JMS is easily changing winning.

Too Dangerous For a Girl: As it is, I'm almost hoping this comic succumbs to the curse of lateness that somehow or other always seems to afflict Straczynski-scripted books (see Superman, The Brave and the Bold, The Twelve ...). Even if we don't get a cheery fill-in, I could go a month without despairing over Diana. Yes, of course I should just pack the book in for awhile, but I'm a cockeyed optimist. I can't believe that a confident, good-humoured Wonder Woman isn't going to pop up soon.

: The final page sets up a show-down I can’t wait to see play out. I don’t know how long this storyline can hold my interest before I will tire of the mystery, but for now I am hooked.

IGN: 6.5

Examiner. com(Chicago): The odyssey of J. Michael Straczynski's all new Wonder Woman continues with a lackluster installment.

True Believer Reviewers: 9.5/10

Lost Man Comic Review: C

Weekly Comic Book Review: B

: Story: 3 - Good Art: 2 - Average

Best Shots@Newsarama: Wonder Woman #603 is a decent enough issue with art that ranges from mediocre to seriously pretty — but is this all there is? I hope this drastic renovation eventually results in something extraordinary and worthy of its title character.

Girls Gone Geek: Where the hell is the Amazon Princess? The real one, I mean. Because this chick ain’t it.

CBR: 1 Star

Average Rating=C

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