Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Captain America Is Dead

I don't see this lasting more then a few years tops. But if it does, kudos to Marvel. Doesn't necessarily get me interested in the product as I only buy two monthlies, an occasional mini-series, and a few trades here and there. DC universe may be getting more violent but Marvel universe feels more real, and so the darkness there seems more genuine. And I don't want to read bleak comics where the good guys lose, the bad guys are more sinister, and where friends will forsake friendship and inadvertently(or not) cause the deaths of people they once fought beside. I buy comics to see action-packed stories where the heroes stand tall, friendship and love mean something, and hope still exist. DC may occasionally crap on some of those ideals but I still feel happier with their product compared to Marvels.

No knock on Ed Brubaker who wrote the story. I haven't read this issue myself but the first year of Capt. America stories he did write that I have read were good and he is a talented writer. But my tastes are more geared to fantasy and less to his more down-to-earth "realistic" approach.

Reached for comment on the death of his character at this point in history, 93 year old Captain America co-creator Joe Simon told the AP, "We really need him now."
Yes we do need him.

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