Sunday, October 24, 2010

Marvel Solicits for January 2011 & Beyond

Check it.

1-Comic adaptation of Orson Scott Cards Speaker of the Dead which is the sequel to one of my favorite novels, Enders Game. Speaker of the Dead, however, bored me nearly to death. Maybe I should give it another chance? Naaaaah. Of course there are other adaptation or new material based on novels in the list and as always I ain't buying any of them.

2-Why did they change Ultimate titles from Ultimate such and such to Ultimate Comics such and such? Just to renumber it? Well, Spider-Man just got renumbered to what it was before the idiotic change. BTW I like the artist on the book but I am not going to buy it. I'm gonna cry that she's not drawing Runaways... WHICH HASN'T BEEN AROUND FOR A YEAR!!! WHAT THE FUCK MARVEL COMICS!?!

3-So many Avengers books and Capt. America books and Thor Books and Iron Man books and X-Men books and etc. that makes a potential customer like me just feel confused and overwhelmed. So ultimately I decide not to try too much of anything. Well, the newer X-Men title I'm reading and Avengers Academy I'm gonna try. Plus I love those Mike McKone covers.

4-A whole lot of mini series. A whole lot of I don't give a damn.

5-Jubilee is 17? When I was 13 she was 13. Now I'm 28. So in 15 of our years 4 years pass in the Marvel universe? Interesting or a sign that that I'm getting old and soon will die and by that time Jubilee will be legal age to drink?

6-Greg Land needs to stop drawing Emma Frost like a pornstar. Or at least with the stupid smile like he always does. Its like when Land draws Emma Frost it looks like a cosplayer and not the real thing.

"Wrong facial expression. Gives her a warm, inviting feeling."

"Right facial expression. Gives her the uninterested bitch quality that is true."

7-I hear great things about Casanova and was about to write it on my list but damned if Marvel isn't putting out a lot of trades find a bit more interesting right now. Including that Avengers Academy volume 1. Speaking of which...

8-I was happy DC was putting out a little more older material but this Marvel trade list is bigger. Omnibus', Masterworks, and so much more collections of older material. Damn. Thanks Marvel. I'm continuing my Deadpool Classics with volume 4 and than there are a pair of Captain America trades that sound fun including Operation Rebirth which are stories from the 90s and Man & Wolf that has Capt fighting werewolves!

9-BTW, I bought Essential Iron Man volume 3 the other day from an Amazon Merchant cause it was out of print and look! New printing listed. Oh well...

Now some nice covers. One has Emma Frost with that indifferent expression I love.

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