Saturday, October 9, 2010

September Comic Book Favorites 2010

Been a while since I did this.

6. Zatanna #5-Zatanna is my second favorite female superhero title and number one favorite superhero ongoing book. Even despite the fact that Stephane Roux isn't doing the interiors it still looks and is fun. (Just ntoice Roux doesn't seem to be coming back, sticking to covers but Jesus Saiz and Cliff Chang doing upcoming issues is fine by me).

5. Tarot Witch of the Black Rose-Guilty pleasure? Nah. I admit I like it because its bad and cheescakey. In this one Licorice Dust confronts Tarot about her relationship with Boo Cat who Dust is dating. All kinds of sexy. Interestingly this book has a devoted cult female audience. I also approve of the picture of the creators hanging with rock legend Danzig.

4. Green Lantern #57-Once again I ask; wheres Cowgirl? But seriously good times. Ending was interesting seeing as Gail initially had something similar planned with Wonder Woman. You know, before they turned it down and screwed up the character.

3. Batman & Robin #14-Thomas Wayne, aka the Black Glove is a punk bitch. Frazer Irving's art is bizarre and awesome. That's all I have to say on this.

2. Hack/Slash Omnibus Volume 2-I ordered up to volume 3 without reading an issue but I always found the idea fascinating. Volume 1 was rather hit and miss with a few more misses. Volume 2 which collects the first 17 issues of the ongoing series(before the creator split with Devil Due Publishing) is mostly hit. Cassie Hack and Vlad tear through the US killing "slashers"(think movie slasher villains). Good times galore. I really like the Hack character.

1. Empowered Volume 6-My favorite female superhero title being published puts the usual tomfoolery aside to continue with the drama and heartache of the last volumes shocking finale. Empowered continues to be the most developed female hero in the business and she does that with occasionally more cheesecake than your usual bread and butter heroines. This volume also makes Blackest Night look dull with their take on dead superheroes.

Buy all Empowered volumes.

Couple of questions.
1-Why can't DC just get Gail Simone an artist to stay on Birds of Prey? Even in her first run between the good artist would be crappy fill-in artists and now we're only 5 issues in and its happening again.

2-Can Allen Heinberg not write the Avengers to come off as mostly assholes? I understand Ms. Marvel is a bitch but everyone else too?


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