Friday, July 9, 2010

June Favorites 2010

Mark Waid, I understand your pain. While I can't quit them all, I am less enthused upon reading solicits and actual books.

7. Green Lantern #55-Who knew a quick fight with Lobo would spruce things up. Though I still am wondering where the hell is Cowgirl at?

6. Batman #700-I've only read this and Wonder Woman #600 of the various "milestone" issues. This was the best of the two.

5. Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #3-Look, another Batman issue. Thanks Bats for providing me with my current fav superhero stories. Though...

4. Zatanna #2-... I am actually digging this series thus far.

3. Fables #96-Good story about the riff between Rose Red and Snow White, despite the fact I know whats going to happen in the next issue. Red sleeps with Prince Charming(Thats not a spoiler if you've followed the series at any length. They've said as much.) By the way, like the new cover artist.

2. Jack of Fables vol. 7: Adventures of Jack & Jack-I like Jack Frost more than the main Jack character, Jack Horner. But Horner always gets into wild situations I must follow.

1. Cover Run: The DC Comics Art of Adam Hughes-My favorite was something that wasn't a comic but an art gallery of comic covers? Totally! The Wonder Woman and Catwoman covers are awesome. Plus the put one of my fav Justice League covers in here amongst other neat pieces. Too bad they couldn't put every cover he's done in here.

Technically I should have put 20th Century Boys volume 9 in here but I read through most of it a while back. Probably should finish up 21st Century Boys. Anyway check that out. I also got volumes 13 and 14 of Naoki Urasawas other book Monster. Those were awesome.

I also got JLA: League of One starring Wonder Woman which was phenomenal and the newest Seven Soldiers of Victory collection which I know is good. Maybe I'll just start putting anything I buy up here versus actual June releases and first time reads.

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Anonymous said...

o batman corsario é um sanguinario pirata do alto-mar que é meio perneta porém não tanto e se encontrasse o Mobby Dick iria fatialo com certeza! adorei o desnho da Mulher-gato! ela parece com a triz Audrey Hepburn! adorei essas revistas desse mês de junho!