Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dear New Wonder Woman Fans, About The "Reboot"

Me: Its not the pants, its the damn outfit. If they threw some blue spandex with white stars down the sides we wouldn't be having this conversation. Hell, I've seen fans tinker with the Jim Lee design and make it look more awesome.


Me: Yeah, 3-4 issues. Like I do for every book. And while we're at it, why don't you superhero fan boys and girls give some alternative comics or a manga a try. Switch up the pull list a little.

Internet: She's going to be essentially the same character.
Me: Thats what the 3-4 issues are there for me to determine. If she will gain the compassion and softness that balances her warriors edge. Plus I always looked at her as if she was a symbol for some idealistic way. Truth, tolerance, etc. Of course, it may take more than 3-4 issues for that so lets hope the story is good enough to keep me entertained.

Internet: You can't pass judgment on a 10 page preview.

Me: Yes you can if you're on a budget. Or, just not all that happy with superhero comics as they are right now. Looking at my pull list I buy less than a dozen.

Internet: The way the stories set up they gave themselves a built in reset button if all this if it doesn't work.
Me: I know, that's smart. That doesn't mean I have to buy it for a duration of time until it happens.

Internet: The sales will be better.

Me: Yeah, well, the sales would've been perfectly fine if DC didn't reboot it while Greg Ruckas run was selling in the top forty. Butno! DC wanted to booster the sales even more and a string of ill received stories lead to Gail Simone taking on the book with the numbers that Greg Rucka had before his sales numbers doubled. Basically what I'm saying is, while I will not deny a sales boost for Wonder Woman, the title has a habit of not being able to maintain that sales momentum.

Internet: Name me that one Wonder Woman villain.
Me: I could but obviously you have no interest in looking up past stories that feature them prominently. Incidentally, I can name more than 10 Wonder Woman villains.

Internet: Whats a definitive Wonder Woman story?
Me: I came on mostly during Ruckas run so I am partial to the Hiketeia OGN as well as the arcs Stoned and the Bronze Door with Rags Morales. I just got JLA: League of One a few days ago and it was AWESOME! The first three trades collecting George Perez's run I enjoy enough to read them a few times. Also issue 100 from volume 2 by Messner-Loebs and Deodato Jr. Probably because I remember it being the first time I actually read a Wonder Woman comic way back when. I like that one Gail Simone story where she teams with Beowulf.

I'm actually gonna start looking for some more WW stories. Picking up the Perez stuff after his trade collections finished. Maybe some more Jiminez like the Gods of Gotham arc. I hear good things.

Hey! When you type Wonder Woman into Googles image search engine the new costume isn't even in the first few pages. Hell, I just abandoned that and checked a message board.

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Anonymous said...

eu detestei esse novo uniforma da linda Mulher-Maravilha! a roupa antiga dela mostrava suas coxas grossas e sua deliciosa buceta! eu quero matar o roteirista que inventou que ela tinha que modernizar o vestuario!