Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dear Superhero Comics...

Start being entertaining again, please. I mean, really... the most joyful part of any solicitation is the mention of some older book I've heard good things about or a new collection of something I already think is awesome. I mean 3-4 dollars for 22-32 pages of content that possibly will come out several times a year and, if I'm lucky, turn out more than two complete stories(not counting mini or limited series of course) seems to not be a really good deal.

I now spend more time studying the indy books and manga for things that could be interesting. Or making me want to go to a bookstore to read-GASP-novels. I was only doing it because of the wait between packages but now I actually prefer reading books.

Now this has little to do with Wonder Womans reboot(I'm gonna give it a little time) but with the scene in general. WW's reboot doesn't help but I try to limit my fan boy outbursts. I just really having a hard time mustering any enthusiasm for any superhero book that does not have Batman in it.

C. Towns-

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