Saturday, June 5, 2010

All New, All Different

Today my uncle went through and pulled a bunch of Cockrum's X-Mens out we talked about the classic team. Those old stories from the All new, All Different era are just so great. I've read most of them in Essentials but to hold the actual comic, in color, is a great experience. Don't get me wrong, I love Essentials and Showcases but seeing them in color is such a joy.

We both agree that Rogue was the last great X-Men character. She's one of my favs and while I've liked other X-Characters since her inclusion none have been anywhere near as cool. Its also interesting to hear my uncle go off about Gambit. I'm not a fan character either but he really dislikes him. Also disliked how the Forge/Storm relationship ended up. I agree, I liked that. We both also liked the mohawk storm and her costume before that.

Speaking of Rogue, I believe he told me about one particular issue with her on the cover he couldn't find at a comic shop when it first came out but on chance found it at a liquor store. Damn, don't I miss going to a little liquor store and finding some comics.

Old school classic X-Men is still the best even though Claremont eventually started to add too many characters and didn't follow up on certain subplots and ideas. Still... those were the best X-Stories ever.