Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Comic Book News Is Lame

Following comic book news is sort of a let down. I don't know why, there seems to be a new announcement everyday. In regards to various movie projects, new creative team switches, and interviews about projects. I guess that very little seems to truly be thrilling me and a few seem to be down right dumb.

I like Fables, but another Fables series? I mean, it takes a while to get into Jack of Fables and he's really the only character I think could sustain his own series in the Fable-verse.

The Swamp Thing news is weird. I don't care much for the character but if he's worked better in a more "mature" setting why try and make him part of the DCU again? Seems to be a regression. In fact, to be honest, Vertigo hasn't done anything too interesting for me in a while. Though I might check out I, Zombie in trades.

As for the general company, I still but about a dozen superhero titles from them and I don't see that expanding any time soon but maybe some subtractions. Thats right, I didn't buy the Flash. Don't care. Didn't care for what I read of Johns' Wally West stuff and outside of the cartoon JLU I can't muster much interest. I like Green Lantern but was wholly unimpressed with Blackest Night when all the interesting stuff was actually happening in GLs own comic. New WW team? Maybe okay but why is it Diana doesn't get one of the "cool new titles" that Supes and Bats gets? Her All Star book was announced much later and HASN'T EVEN COME OUT YET! So I expect no Wonder Woman Earth One project.

By the way? Are those ongoings? If any superhero needs an out of continuity title its a character whose never had a real consistency in her own book. How many writers have just ignored previous continuity or changed the setting and cast for their WW run? Practically all of them. And they wonder why they can't get her book right...

As for Marvel, I don't even pay attention anymore. In fact I just cut Black Widow from my online subscriber. Pretty book at times, otehrs I don't care for Acuna's rendition of some of the male characters. Story for the two issues? Not all that satisfying. Will try this new X-Men title but I have to say, until Runaways returns X-Factor is the only thing I care about. Plus Essentials for X-Men, Avengers, and Heroes for Hire. Haven't actually liked the last ones but the arts nice and I'm hoping to get to the run with the stories I remember from Sabretooth Classics.

As for alternative comics... hm... Buying all the Hack/Slash omnibus'. Why not? Actually I'm trying a few Image titles in this set of previews. Which I found out about on Solicitations and got some free pages in Previews. So the solicits the sites put up are nice. But for the most part I don't see much on the indy side of things. You know, outside a couple Image and Dark Horse books. But occasionally you'll fine a gem.

Then there is the occasional manga news but some of that has been frustrating of late. Oh well... I guess all that matters is my previews magazine.

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