Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tenative Mail Order Comics Order for May(and Beyond)

What and why...

PREVIEWS #260 MAY 2010 (INCLUDES MARVEL PREVIEWS TOO)-Because I don't get the previews I tend to miss out on cool things from time to time. Like Essential Avengers Vol. 7 and Serenity Rose Vol. 2. Which I still need to get.

HELLCYON #2 (OF 4)-Cover art on issue one looked good so here's hoping.

GREEN LANTERN #54-Not as high on this series as I was pre-Blackest night which hasn't impressed me as much as it has others. Still, good series.

BIRDS OF PREY #1-Gail Simone returns and with her original artist Ed Benes to boot! One of the first titles I was buying when I started buying comics regularly instead of sporadically.

BATMAN RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE #2 (OF 6)-Too many bi-weekly type books or mini-series coming out DC. I dropped the notion of Brightest Day and while JLA: Generation Lost looked interesting I decided to go with Morrison and Batman.

BATMAN AND ROBIN #12-Dope ass series.

DETECTIVE COMICS #865-Don't know how long I'm going to be buying this one. With Batwoman being in a new series I doubt the Question back-up can be a reason to spend 3.99(well, 2.47 from MOC). But we'll see.

GOTHAM CITY SIRENS #12-Guilty pleasure. Next week I have to get the issues I'm missing and the one I forgot to put on order. That's 6, 9, and 11.

FIRST WAVE #3 (OF 6)-Missing 100 Bullets and enjoy Rags Morales art. I'm looking forward to this.

WONDER WOMAN #44-Coming up on WW #600. And on the new regime. Til than i'm having fun.

ZATANNA #1-I like Zatanna. The art work previews look good.

ABSOLUTE ALL STAR SUPERMAN HC-Don't need it. But damn if I want it. Plus over $30 off. Hopefully a lot of extras.

TINY TITANS #28-Consistently entertaining.

FABLES #95-Resolicited. Fables still one of the best.

JACK OF FABLES TP VOL 07 NEW ADVS OF JACK & JACK-Jack of Fables is fun too.

JOE THE BARBARIAN #5 (OF 8)-Still not quite sure about this one. Interesting and good art though.

AME COMI STAR SAPPHIRE PVC FIGURE-If I cut one thing from my list is this sexy statue. I want it but that's 45 dollars right there.

SHUDDERTOWN #3-Need more alternative comics and this one looked interesting.

BLACK WIDOW #2-Oh my god its a Marvel book. Not the biggest Daniel Acuna fan but his work does look good on the right title and I think, judging by the covers, this one will fit nicely.

X-FACTOR PREM HC INVISIBLE WOMAN HAS VANISHED-Currently, the longest Marvel title I've been following.

NAOKI URASAWA 20TH CENTURY BOYS GN VOL 09-Since I always forget about this book I've decided to add it to my MOC pull list. Vol. 8 coming to me from Amazon. This might be my favorite comic right now and its taking effort not to read it online, which i do for a couple other titles.

WONDER WOMAN DEFLECT BY ROSS T/S LG-This would be my fifth Wonder Woman shirt and first by Alex Ross not counting my Justice League shirt.

GREEN LANTERN KYLE RAYNER SYMBOL T/S XL-My friends giving me money for this.

My largest order ever. Only cutting Brightest Day which I ordered and no more Batman Confidential after Sam Keith's beautifully drawn run. Though I don't care for the story. So far no May Amazon comic pre-orders so maybe than I'll pick up those two trades.

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