Friday, March 12, 2010

Carl Towns Classic Movies March Selection: Hot Fuzz

My name is Carl Towns, and I'm here to present you in the finest... well... maybe not the finest-okay, sometimes the finest. No, screw it, the coolest or most noteworthy-yeah, that's it!

I'm here to present you noteworthy and cool films. This month is...

Hot Fuzz is the 2007 buddy cop thrill ride starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost and directed by Edgar Wright.

The story follows a Nicholas Angel. A cop so good at what he does that he's been transferred because he was making his fellow officers and superiors look bad. He arrives in the village of Sandford, which is crime free. There he meets Danny Butterman, an officer whose the son of the police inspector and in awe of Angel.

Angel tries to adjust to the slow, rather boring life in Sanford until he starts noticing a high amount of accidents that he believes are more than just accidents. He is the only one and struggles to find the truth, opening the door on a large conspiracy.

This is one of my "go-to-flicks." When I'm bored and need something to watch that I know will entertain and not bore me, this is one of those movies. Its funny and Edgar Wrights directing style on this film is slam-bang-action camera work even on the most routine of scenes like just going through a locker. Pegg and Frost work so well off of each other and former James Bond Timothy Dalton is excellent as grocery store owner Simon Skinner. There are several cameos in the movie including Oscar award winning director Peter Jackson and the talented Cate Blanchett.

Simply, this movie is awesome.

Hot Fuzz - English Trailer
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