Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Comic Book Favorite: Gotham Central #32

Yo... it's your boy... and since the major solicits have dropped its time for another spotlight. This time set in everyone's favorite fictional superhero town of Gotham City.

Gotham Central was a title about the cops in Gotham city, obviously. But between the major arcs, which were pretty damn good, there were stories that just felt like filler. This however, was not one of them.

Issue #32 was initially to be the starting point for the arc Dead Robin but was pushed back a month to tell the story of some crooked cops trying to cover up the accidental murder of a teen runaway who saw them harassing a local dealer who gives them a cut of his earnings.

These two cops work to try and make sure they don't get connected all the while we see just what kind of corrupt lowlifes continue to work for the GCPD. As the story moves forward one of their friends informs them of a job wanting to be done by a certain Gotham resident known as Black Mask. The two cops get an evidence bag requested and are asked to deliver it to the park. Thats when the rugs pulled out from other them.

The hustler informed a certain Poison Ivy about who murdered the girl and the Black Mask job was all a scam for her to get revenge. Seems at this time Ivy was taking care of Gotham's runaways and felt the cops needed to be brutally punished.

I remember reading this issue and completely forgetting Poison Ivy was on the cover. I was just so enthralled with what was going on that when they walked into the park I suddenly remembered she was suppose to be in the issue. Greg Rucka is a great writer and Steve Liebers art works perfectly. You should seek this one out.

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Lulu--Back in Town said...

I just gotta say I am in looooove with that Poison Ivy art.