Friday, March 5, 2010

Dear Editors At DC, In Regard to Wonder Woman

Dear Editors At DC In Regard to Wonder Woman,

Yeah... can't you one day possibly give Wonder Woman a creative team, by which I mean both a writer and an artist, that will stay on the book for two years or more? Now I'm happy Gail was on the book as long as she was but, come on, Terry Dodson, than Aaron Lopretsi, followed by Nicola Scott plus fill ins is a bit much. This is one of the various reasons WW's title never maintain sales, you don't let a team grow on the book.

Another reason I had to explain the rogues gallery and particular elements to a friend who actually loves DC comics. This guy knows more about third rate GLs than one DC's Trinity. Of course, it doesn't help that Wonder Woman never seems to quite be at the center of any event. Well, she came close in Infinite Crisis but that was kind of a clusterfuck half way through but that's another rant. Can't we get Diana her own event that ends with her beating the bad guy to a bloody pulp? Or rather one with a singular artist and not half a dozen(though I'd kill for that Rags Morales page).

Really, my point is this-I don't care who you put on the book, and even if the title goes up in sales-you're gonna drop the ball again eventually. You always do when it comes to Diana. I mean, what kind of idiot cancels a title whose sales are up for a reboot with a "top creative team" that only lasts five issues and still can't get it out on time? DC comics, that's who. That Allen Heinberg story was crap and he should stick to Young Avengers because they really need some help, those Runaways crossovers are crap. And whats up with the hiatus after Runaways got a good team on it and the book was fun again-oh, sorry... Got off track.

DC will find a way to mess up Wonder Womans title even if Grant Morrison takes the book like I've heard in rumors(which will be awesome cause G-Mozz is the man!). It probably won't be during that rumored run but after when they put someone not nearly as cool and another artist without buzz or heat behind.

Oh, and Warner Bros. won't make a Wonder Woman movie ever. Yeah, even if they do a JLA movie and can spin her off, it isn't going to happen.

Carl "Pessmistic Wonder Woman fan" Towns

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nyrdyv said...

It is incumbent upon DC to make this happen. The franchise that is available in the Wonder Woman character makes this a real "no-brainer" decision for fiscal powers-that-be.


Steven G. Willis