Saturday, March 6, 2010

Wonder Woman & Pornography

Flipping through Bleeding Cool and found an article about a pornstar who goes by the name Diana Prince. I didn't really chuckle, just shrugged. Than realized earlier today I actually ordered a video with her(for the gorgeous Mika Tan. I like Mika Tan a lot.). But looking at her, she doesn't strike me as Diana Prince. She just doesn't have as a voluptuous figure as Diana does.

If she wanted to pay tribute to Wonder Woman, which seems sort of conflicting if you're working in porn (though I'm sure Diana would just make a speech why she shouldn't be doing porn but than say she respects her sisters life choice and than fly off to beat some bad guys up), she should've just got a tattoo like Katrina Kraven.

Obviously, part of the appeal is Diana's strength but Diana, despite her beauty and those old stories with the bondage isn't exactly sexual. I mean, she has had a limited amount of boyfriends and most of them never really got past the spark of interest. Which is actually a very good thing as it prevents her from being defined by a male figure or seeking male appro-oh, wait... she was seeking Steve Trevors approval for a while wasn't she? At least nowadays she's not like that.

I actually remember someone once mention Aria Giovanni as good body type for Diana Prince and I did find a couple of badly done dress ups of her in the costume.

Here's a work safe image of her for real.

I don't quite agree... I actually met Aria way back at AX 2001. Extremely nice, very beautiful, and we talked briefly of KMFDM so she's awesome. Didn't realize she was once married to former Marilyn Manson and current Rob Zombie Band guitarist John 5.

I also found a photo of Sasha Grey, who is like thee top adult film actress working because of her screen debut in Oscar winner Steve Soderberghs film the Girlfriend Experience(which I bought a week ago and still need to watch) and her appearance on G4tv have seriously helped. So I have to say, though she looks nothing like Diana, I do like this picture.

And, for the hell of it, Kim Kardashian as Wonder Woman.

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Lulu--Back in Town said...

Thanks for linking me here--love it!

(Gotta' agree, Mika Tan is gorgeous, I hadn't seen her before! And I think I dig Kardashian in the WW getup a little too much. Not as much as in the nothing-but-pearls shoot, but still.)