Thursday, February 18, 2010

The New DC Entertainment

Jim Lee and Dan DiDio Named Co-Publishers DC Comics

Geoff Johns to Serve as Chief Creative Officer

John Rood Named EVP, Sales, Marketing and Business Development

Patrick Caldon Named EVP, Finance and Administration

Some shakes up at DC have finally come through with the new president Diane Nelson and Paul Levitz stepping down as publisher. So you know its time for us to sounds the alarms, DC is doomed! Right? That's what comics geek do to big changes, especially ones involving giving Dan Didio more power.

Personally, DC isn't going to change from the company i follow know. The company that publishes several titles I love in a sea of stuff have absolutely no interest in. Their still going to keep changing the artists and writers out consistently so that way you probably won't get too many lengthy runs with the same creative team. More crossover and events. Etc. DC comics is still DC comics. Now, outside to Vertigo... hopefully this does not effect them as Karen Berger now reports to Didio. That's the big worry, is this going to effect Vertigo's comics or will it just continue as is?

I just read Bleeding Cool with Rich Johnston's piece on some DC's problems of late and I have to say, it is worrying that DC might be going into further self damage.

The main reasons all this is happening is to integrate DC more into Warner Bros. and effectively make more movies, TV, etc. as well as take on Marvel for more market share. They talk a good game about comic books but I don't feel like this is really going to improve anything. They need to get the product and DC thinks mostly in short term. I doubt their really going to do more than get some movies made because in the end, Marvel does a pretty decent job of letting their creators do their thing where as DC spends a lot of time trying too hard to make something work.

We'll sit back and relax but as of now I buy about 11 DC ongoing titles, not counting Vertigo, and I am not exactly keen on a lot of what DC is publishing or the ideas and events that are peaking their head up.

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