Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wonder Woman Artist

With J. Michael Straczynski taking over the title as writer it leaves us wondering who will be pencilling the Amazon princess. Here are some choices probably available at DC.

1. Jim Lee-He's done Batman and Supermans books but no Wonder Woman yet. But it's not going to happen. But would sell gangbusters. And probably not come out on any sort of schedule.

2. JH Williams III-Promethea was kind of a Wonder Woman. Plus William's art is insane! However he's probably already prepping for the Batwoman ongoing coming out later this year.

3. Frank Quitely-Would not come out on a regular schedule. Take maybe 2-3 years to even finish twelve issues like All Star Superman. That said it would look nice and he's my pick to do Grant Morrison's rumored Wonder Woman OGN.

4. David Finch-Big name artist who isn't assigned to a title yet. But I'm sure it'll be JMS' Superman run.

5. Ivan Reis-With his Green Lantern run done and the big GL-centric Blackest Night this man would be a top choice. In fact, him and David Finch on either JMS' titles would be a good idea. Which will not happen because it is.

6. Nicola Scott-She likes Wonder Woman a lot. Did the Blackest Night WW tie-in and will be drawing a few Gail Simone issues. If there is one artist who would stick on Diana's title for the long haul this is her and really, that would be nice for once.

7. Andy Kubert-He's still at DC right? He's well known.

8. Chris Sprouse-Looking for artists without ongoing work and found the Tom Strong artist. Why the hell not?

9. Eddy Barrows-Not a big name but I kind of like his artwork.

10. Rags Morales-First Wave is just a mini so maybe he can be considered. I like the little he did on WW before personal reasons forced him to leave.

11. Don Kramer-What's he working on? I enjoyed his work on JSA.

There. There are some others that probably would be good but those are some top names or DC artists.

Of course, if we want an artist who can just draw nice women why not Al Rio. Or does that guy just do sexy commissions and pin ups?

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