Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Comic Book Favorite: Uncanny X-Men #160

Yo... it's your boy... and since the major solicits have dropped I've decided to take this time to pick out a fav comic of mine. Especially since its from a title going into another dumb sounding crossover.

Uncanny X-Men #160 is the first X-Men comic I remember reading. Well, actually i read a reprint of said issue but that's not much of a difference.

This excellent comic is an actual diversion from much of the drama of the X-book at the time. It involves Colossus' sister Illyana being lured a place of limbo controlled by the demonic Belasco. He has a plan in mind regarding an ancient, evil, talisman. The X-Men(Storm, Colossus, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, and Shadow Cat) are off to the rescue. There they encounter an evil, corrupted future Nightcrawler as well as the bodies of themselves laid decimated. Of course the team has the save the day and in the process, Illyana actually jumps a few years ahead.

The story was of course written by Chris Claremont and drawn by the talented Brent Anderson who in fact co-created Belasco back in Ka-Zars title.

I don't remember exactly when I read this baby but I just remember thinking it was cool that one of Belasco's henchman could snap Wolverines skeleton. It also had a very creepy atmosphere. Sadly, well-not sadly, I have the story in Essentials but I'd love to get a colored version Like I use to have. I enjoyed the hell out of this baby.

While it was my first real X-Men comics, I did have a familiarity with the team.

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