Saturday, February 13, 2010

Maximizing DC Properties For the Mainstream

Dear DC Entertainment and Warner Bros.,

If you are trying to really get more interest in this characters outside comics, here's a suggesting-DON'T RELY ON MOVIES!!!!

First off, here's a suggestion... more clothes and merchandise. Oh, I love me some Graphetti Designs but that's straight comic shop merch. What you need is more mainstream attire. But it seems most the time that's regulated to the Big 3 plus Flash, GL, Aquaman, and JLA. Oh, and Bat Villains. Maybe you guys should mix some others into that. Green Arrows got an audience thanks to cartoons and Smallville but where are his shirts at Hot Topic of Ahhhs? What about some Hawkman action? Come on. Get these shirts onto some people, don't wait for the movies to do that.

Also, why all movies? Smallville has been extremely successful for you. More TV series? The fact you guys haven't done a Question series is beyond me. Masked vigilante with a rather simple story. Throw Renee Montoya in and BAM! There you go DC Entertainment. Question is one of the various possible characters you can use, if you do it right. Unlike Birds of prey where you tried to trade on the Batman franchise too much. Sorry, Black Canary should have been lead hero and Huntress her partner. You throw in Batman, Joker, and Catwoman into the opening of a series you're going to piss off fans by not having them show up again.

Also, whats with the cartoons? I like the idea of straight to DVD animated flicks but do they all have to be around 90 minutes? Try expanding that to 100 minutes or even two hours. Maybe even do some sequels like to Wonder Woman. Speaking of which... Now, why isn't there a Wonder Woman cartoon TV series. There's a way to maximize a character you guys can't figure out what to do with. Give her a cartoon TV series filled with action and adventure.

All I'm saying is that trying to find the right film version is a waste of time. If you're really looking to bring these characters to the mainstream work in television, cartoons, and expand on the straight to DVD work. Plus some merchandise that isn't the same old same old.

Just a suggestion.

C. Towns-

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