Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Carl Towns Classic Movies February Selection: Zebraman

My name is Carl Towns, and I'm here to present you in the finest... well... maybe not the finest-okay, sometimes the finest. No, screw it, the coolest or most noteworthy-yeah, that's it!

I'm here to present you noteworthy and cool films. This month is...

Zebraman is the 2004 film by cult director Takashi Miike, a director how notoriety(and infamy in certain cases) has made him a cult director here in the states with his thriller Audition and the ultra violent and sadistic Ichi the Killer. But for my money, Zebraman is his best work.

Zebraman is the touching story of Shinichi Ichikawa. His family doesn't like him, his job life sucks and his only escape is dressing up as the lead character from a forgotten Tokusatsu TV series(in short, live action superhero show). A new student comes to class with love of the same character and the two connect as he does with the boys mother. At the same time a rash of mysterious killings are going on and the Japanese Self Defense Force is investigating strange atcivies in the city.

Soon Shinichi realizes parallels from the show to his life. The hero was also a teacher and he himself is living in 2010, the year the series took place. He starts exhibiting super human powers and begins to learn the true secrets to the old series.

This movie, is simply awesome sauce. Really it is. Show Aikawa is just brilliant in the role that you instantly feel for the guy. His relationship with his student and the students mother ground this extraordinary movie with real drama which is something a number of director Miike's movies, that I've seen, lack at times. But Miike is no slouch, this man is one of the best visual directors I've seen. Whether he's working with film or digital, ultra violence or more commercial work he knows how craft movement, pacing, and just a look to his film that stands out. Even if the effects are little hokey it never takes away from the look of the film it self.

Zebraman is one of the best superhero movies ever made. hands down. I defy you to argue with this. Its larger than life when it needs to be and dramatic when its necessary, all without ever failing.

This is a truly cool and noteworthy flick so COP THIS! from Amazon or the such.

Oh, and I hear there's a sequel coming up. I'm scared from the teaser trailer.

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