Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Gripe About DC Comics Thats Well Deserved

This trade, collecting the legendary Captain Marvel story the Monster Society of Evil(not to be confused with Jeff Smiths a few years back) which, as I've read, is the long Golden Age story of all time has not come out yet. It was scheduled last year in the middle and continually pushed back and back and back.


Seriously, I am pretty tired of saying I'm a DC fanboy when I'm only buying a dozen of your titles and only have them are memorable. That's not counting Vertigo or any other imprint by the way. Tired of big events and the such. Blackest Night was pretty and all but not one of my crossovers. I don't even care about the new Flash comic or whatever else you got going like that thing with Superman. But I have been wanting to read more classic Shazam books(I have the first archive, need to get others) but you can't even put this sucker out? Why?


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