Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Comic Books in 2009

Looking into 2009 and at my comic spending habits I have to say... Manga is better than American comics.

175 pages for around 10 bucks vs. spending 3 dollars a month(maybe 4 dollars soon) on 22 pages or around 15 dollars for over 120 pages. Sure its in color but for the price of two trades I can get three manga. Plus beginning, middles, and ends. Less continuity. None of that creators jumping on and off.

I'm following a total of seven titles, started collecting another one thats twenty odd volumes in and am hoping two others get released. Sure, some of them aren't great but I'm more satisfied at the end of the day.

That said, I recently tried Jack of Fables and quite enjoyed it.

So looking ahead at 2009 this is what I want comic wise.

1-Blackest Night To Be Good-I was just about to drop green lantern after several months of doing nothing for me. The whole One Year Later jump ruined a bunch of titles I enjoyed and had me shed several titles I read. But Sinestro Corps was awesome. Since then the stories have fluctuated(I honestly did not like the Secret Origins story) but I'm holding on for this.

2-To Like the X-Men Again: I'm not enjoying Astonishing quite yet. Greg land turns me off so I'm not buying Uncanny. I don't even know whats going on with the third X-title. I miss enjoying the X-Men.

3-Grant Morrison On A Vertigo Title: Pretty please?

4-DC To Stop Milking Events: Sometimes I feel DC hears a good idea, and tries to squeeze all the money out of fans by turning a good idea to a long, dragged out mess of an event. Stop it!

5-More Alternative Comic Book Series I'd Want To Follow: It seems most alternative titles are minis. Then the others are either graphic novels or ongoings that come out on weird schedules(or the creators waiting for the big 2 to notice them). I'd like some new alternative ongoing books that come out almost monthly.

6-To Buy A Few Marvel Titles: I try and I fail at this. Its like I go out, buy a few, need to cut stuff and BAM! Back to Runaways and maybe an X-book.

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