Wednesday, December 3, 2008

For Your Consideration

Its time for movie studios to pimp out those feature films they believe to be of such quality that they deserve recognition on two specific award shows; the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards.

Between the two, I prefer the Golden Globes. For two reasons, splitting Comedy and Drama films in movies and lead actors. Plus the noms for Television. The Oscars? Pffff.

Oscars, listen up... you run a show that goes over three hours showcasing films that most to public WILL NOT SEE! Really, it's kind of boring. The average fan probably only tunes in to see the what the actors are wearing and hoping for a good monologue from the host. Everything else is practically filler.

I've been looking at the films that the studios are pimping and I have only seen the Dark Knight. I can probably catch Wall-E and some of the other animated flicks but that's it. And the sad thing is... I live near a movie theater. I'm also a bus ride from another one at a mall. Then there's another few farther down the same street at another mall. And guess what? None of them are playing any of these movies hearing about. No Wrestler, Seven Pounds, Doubt, Slumdog Millionaire, etc. Maybe they all come out this weekend with Punisher.

Really, if I hear people complain about the ratings again, I'm going to scream. Not really but is irritating. Seeing films I never seen nominated isn't going to make me tune in. Than again, most those films aren't ones I'd probably enjoy.

I'll just seem them on cable. Or pick them up from the local neighborhood bootlegger. (Just kidding. ::checks around with shifty eyes::)

So, Oscars... do me a favor, at least put a hit film in there. That'll surely put a few more clicks on the channel you'll be broadcasting on.

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