Friday, December 5, 2008

Dear Comic Companies,

Dear Dark Horse,

Where's Gunsmith Cats: Burst? I know the sales have been okay and I even asked you if you stopped the book months ago and you contacted me back saying you still planned to do more. Well? The series finished in Japan according to Wikipedia. If Kodansha took back the rights to help launch their US manga line let me know. This book is the reason I look at your solicits every month.

Dear DC,

Stop with the big events after 2008. Chill out with the mapped storylines across the board. let your creative teams do their thing. Really, I'm kind of getting bored.

Dead Johnny DC,

Keep up the good work. Tiny Titans is awesome and the new Supergirl series was pretty good and I hope it gets better.

Dear Vertigo,

Get Grant Morrison on an new creator owned ongoing, please? By the way... Fables and Young Liars are awesome.

Dear Image,

I only buy I Kill Giants. Not counting the few imprints, you pretty much just publish minis and books that don't interest me. But I Kill Giants is cool.

Dear Marvel,

I'm following two ongoings and one trade. However, if Emma Frost returns to her villainous ways to allow for a Jean Grey return and the back tracking of one of the few "risk taking ideas" that I actually like, I'm finished with the X-Men. Which is not really much of a stretch because I got the essentials, Grant Morrison's run, and Joss Whedons run. So I'm good.

Dear Tokyopop,

Waiting on that Fruits Basket Ultimate Collection volume 4, reprinting material from volumes 7-8 of the manga which you already published which is your biggest seller. Also, Harukaze Bitter Bop?

Dear Viz,

You've been kicking ass. Thanks.

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