Sunday, November 30, 2008

This Weeks Comic Purchases

I'm gonna share what i plan to buy/order from this Thursdays line up of comics. Plus quick thoughts about each.

Batman #682-The first part of a two part story centering on Alfred in his final hours after the "death" of Batman. What? By Grant Morrison. I thought RIP was fun so I'll be reading these.

Justice Society Of America Vol 3 #21-Time to end all this Kingdom Come tomfoolery and get with the Black Adam arc. Really. no, I do like this arc but it is dragging and dragging and the Kingdom specials were only okay.

Supergirl Cosmic Adventures In The Eighth Grade #1-Oh yeah. Sounds like fun. Probably best buy of the week.

Terra #3-Love the art. Stories okay. This mini only goes four issues I believe. And its coming out bi-weekly.

Terror Titans #3-Ravager beating people up is nice.

Astonishing X-Men Vol 2 HC-On order, will arrive next month. The last part of Joss Whedon and John Cassaday's X-Men run which I would rank as number 3 definitive X-tale. A distant 3. But then again 4 and 5 would be at great distances from this run. For the record, Giant Size X-Men through Uncanny #175 is #1 and Grant Morrisons New X-Men is #2. The reason uncanny run ends with 175, for me at least, is Paul Smith leaving and the beginning of crappy new characters, dangling subplots, and confusion. Yes, i did not care for the Australia stuff. but I still buy all the Essentials and I await impatiently for the next. To read, and then put it in a box since all I need are volumes 1-5 displayed.

I also got a box of stuff coming Thursday.

Fables vol. 11: War & Pieces-This is the war right? It was okay. Yeah... only okay.

Rose Hip Rose Vol. 3-Really? Tokyopop is putting out a manga I buy? Damn. This series is just over-the-top and kind of silly. But Tohru Fujisawa is an awesome manga artist.

Justice League International vol. 3-Bwa ha ha ha. Okay, i don't remember which stories are in these but i am so looking forward to rereading them. Best Justice League ever.

Showcase Wonder Woman Vol. 2-Didn't much care for volume 1 and only buying it because it's Diana. I'll still flip through it, read stories, and then put it in the box where volume 1 is.

Wet Moon vol 4-Probably the best in the box and of the week. Yay!

There's a couple more things in the box but I best not mention them or you'll give me weird looks.

I said too much...

Don't judge me.

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