Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Really, someone explain whats happening for me? I put it on as a distraction but anytime I get interested I'm sent turning away again. I know, I know, times change and I should change with it. I did, I started looking outside WWE for wrestling entertainment and even though I may not be a hardcore wrestling fan anymore I can still be wowed by a great match.

Now, admittedly I don't catch the pay-per-views so I could be missing exciting shows but the programs on TV don't do enough for me to spend 40-50 dollars to watch them. yeah, kind of expensive. Especially if you have the feeling the wrestlers you do like will rarely ascend to the top and the ones you dislike will always succeed.

I don't feel like writing a big thing about it because really, I don't care enough about WWE. I know they've made it clear they want to expand their market to new fans and old fans but this old fan just watches the shows if he's bored. Not because he really cares.

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