Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Manga

About a month ago I started on Skip Beat which was one of the mangas I was considering trying to brush up on shoujo to help with some ideas for my the novel I'm trying to write. Anyway, I found another winner here with the story of a teenage girl who follows her crush to Japan only to be discarded when he becomes a rock idol. She vows revenge and gets into the entertainment industry. very good stuff with 15 volumes out by Viz and 22 in Japan. Good art and fun character in Kyouko.

Nana races towards the finish line. I really expect an ending to this sometime early next year. Though as of now only half the series volumes are out in the states. For those who've skipped all my blogs this ones about two girls with the same name who meet on a train to Tokyo. one whats to be a rockstar and the others looking to get with her boyfriend. Similarities to Skip beat that the creator of Beat mentioned she was worried about but both are really different. Nana is much more geared to older readers. More Josei than Shoujo. In the current English volumes both Nana's are engaged and Nana Osaki is starting to become a buzz with her band Black Stones. While Nana "Hachi" Komatsu is, of course, pregnant with rocker Takumi's kid.

Oh yeah... Time ticks to the one I'm anxious for, Excel Saga volume 18!!! Volume 21 dropped in October in Japan so hopefully I won't be having another nine month wait for a while. Maybe four to five months, please?

Anyway, last weekend I read through them all and look forward to more as Kabapu regains control of his base and plans on conquering the city. Much like Il Palazzo and Across tried for 15 volumes. But what of the real Excel now named Teriha Shoji? That's what I want to know.

I'm trying a couple right now, HunterXHunter and SA. Waiting for the next hardcover Fruits Basket, Harukaze Bitter Bop and Rose Hip Rose but Tokyopops been having troubles. Black Lagoons fun but I've seen all the anime so until the manga shows something I haven't its no big deal. Gunsmith Cats... I have no clue whats up with that. Seems maybe Dark Horse might lose the property now that its home publisher is setting up shop in the states.

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