Thursday, November 13, 2008

Music Review: Nudy Show! by Anna Tsuchiya

Nudy Show by Anna Tsuchiya

The second full length album from pop/rocker Anna Tsuchiya is a little more pop but still with the rock. Catchy and fun, this album will have you singing along and mumbling the Japanese words along the way.

The album kicks off with n into and than leads into the fun number, Cockroach which is followed by the interesting Crazy World teaming her with Japanese female rapper AI. The song doesn't quite do it for me when the rapping starts. Of the collaborative efforts I find the teaming with Monkey Majic effective on Ginger. The songs I enjoyed the most were Virgin Cat with it's swing-style drum beat, the rocking style, and the rock/dance fusion of Masquerade.

One downside to the record, if you're not use to how music companies operate in Japan, is the inclusion of several past singles. Songs from Lucy, Bubble Trip, and more find their way on this record. Most these songs I like but I obviously deleted the ones I already had on my iPod.

Since I downloaded this album(cheapest is $23 dollars on CDJapan before shipping and handling and that's not counting the special edition with the DVD I couldn't play anyway) I don't know the credits to the music but according to Wikipedia former Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland and former Nine Inch Nails drummer Josh Freese contributed.

All in all, a fun record with replay value. Not a masterpiece by any means, just very entertaining.

Grade: 8/10

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