Sunday, November 9, 2008

Beyonce as Wonder Woman? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!


As a black man(okay, half) and a huge Wonder Woman fan, and a bit of a movie geek-I give this the thumbs down.

1-Is Beyonce even good enough an actress to play the part? I've seen only a couple things with her and personally think she's terrible. Maybe she's gotten better, I know people speak highly of Dream Girls, but I have no interest.

2-Tailoring the script to an actress screwed Catwoman. And I'm sure many other adaptations haven't worked because of tailoring to the actor. Some work but Wonder Woman is an iconic character. Lets not forget that.

3-Everytime news of this film comes out, it just annoys us comic fans.

4-You want a comic film to matter to the comic fan because ultimately, we see it more than once and spread the good word. Piss us off and we will not show up for the film.

5-Just don't make this movie, please?

PS-No Megan Fox either. Pretty please.

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