Saturday, November 8, 2008

October Comic Book Favorites 2008

10. Terror Titans #1-I can count my favorite DC teens on one hand(okay, two) so the victims seen here either are unfamiliar to me or just don't like. But I like Ravager. And Joe Bennett. Yes, I prefer fun action packed superhero comics but a little cruel violence in this book filled with many characters i don't know works for me.

9. Runaways #3-Molly wants to build a fort. I'm with her.

8. Final Crisis #4-Despite the fact JG Jones needed help-good issue with suspense and good character moments. Nice to see him write Green Arrow who I do enjoy.

7. Justice Society of America #19-It's about to pop off. Crazy like!

6. I Kill Giants #4-An issue filled with tense moments following the main character Barbara. Bullies and giants. Pretty strange, intense, and fascinating book. I reread it the other day and still have trouble explaining this story about a young girl who claims to fight giants and is an outcast in her school.

5. Batman #680-Not my fav issue but good stuff.

4. Wonder Woman #25-Diana versus the Queen of Fables. Quite an epic showdown with humor and sincere moments.

3. Vampirella: Crimson Chronicles Maximum Vol. 1-Over 400 pages of classic Vampi stries for under twenty bucks. Its good to look at and entertaining! Jose Gonzalez is awesome. This book made me a Vampi fan. I bought a t-shirt right after this.

2. Empowered Vol. 4-Capey awards! Sistah Spooky! Aftermath of ninja attack! All kinds of cool!

1. Queen & Country Definitive Vol. 3-Genius. Trust me. I bought one of the novels recently and that was good. Now I need Private Wars.

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David Bird said...

Also enjoyed Q & C vol. 3. I just finished the 6th Runaways digest. Great series. I've got the 7th in front of me, but I think we'll have to wait until the new year for another. Digest edition, that is.