Friday, July 11, 2008

This Weeks Comix-7/12/08

Booster Gold #One Million-Apparently the finale to Geoff Johns and J. Katz run as writers. Makes sense if you read it. Lots and lots of stuff happens and overall a great issue. Though the One Million tie-in(old DC crossover) isn't really anything that matters. If you've been enjoying Booster Gold then this is definitely a pick up. If not, I say try it if you're looking for a big crazy action, sci-fi, time traveling series.

I Kill Giants #1-Not quite sure where this is going but the weird art, humor and overall tone of the book makes this the kind of book you think about after reading it more and more. Check it out.

Justice Society of America #17-The JSA and JLA follow Gog around while he makes miracles happen. This is good stuff and fill-in artist Fernando Pasarin is doing a damn fine job. JSA is my favorite team book out right now.

Madame Xanadu #1-Didn't get this with my package, late I guess, but good early word forced me to check it out. It was alright I guess. Its got the DC characters with the more serious Vertigo twist. The art was awesome. Amy Hadley work is damn fine to look at.

Trinity #6-Interesting to see the Trinity talk about why someone would call them the Trinity. At this point I stopped reading the back ups. But for 3 bucks, 12 pages isn't cutting it.

Wonder Woman #22-Great issue that reminds you how much more awesome it would be if Gail had started writing from the get go.

Young Liars #5-Looking for a title that's crazy, over the top, and just the sequential equivalent to punk rock music? Right here. And this issues ending made me worry about my "boys" much like the ending to the Doom Generation.

With Astonishing X-Men cut, Batman & Outsiders after Dixon leaves, Runaways I'll just go to trades, and Buffy. Skipping a few series I planned to check out.

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