Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Astonishing X-Men Mixtape/Other Tidbits

Searchlights-Amphibious Assault
Social Enemies-Orgy
Judas Iscariot-Chris Randall
I'm Housin'-Rage Against the Machine
Hot Hole-PIG
Birth-The Faint
17 Year Locust-Rob Zombie
You Know I'm No Good-Amy Winehouse
Time After Time-Cyndi Lauper
Ballroom on Mars-T. Rex
Seedling-Hate Dept.
The Beginning of the End-Nine Inch Nails
Revolution Man-Union Underground
Lamp Halo-ZeroMancer
Melt-Monster Magnet

For Joss Whedon/John Cassaday run. Not buying Ellis'. Maybe in trade.

Apparently Excel Saga volume 2o is out in Japan. Really. Wow. This might mean that in 2009 we'll get three volumes in the year. If another volume hits by the end of the year, maybe 4 volumes! Either way I still have to wait until December for volume 18.

Also, I'm part of the coolest club ever.


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