Saturday, July 12, 2008

Anime Everyone Likes-That I Hate

Just read the review for Gurren Lagann and, no surprise, the guy loves it. I remember saying I didn't care for it and some guy said I had no soul. Huh? yeah... apparently anime fans, like comic fans, can get on you for disagree with the crowd. So why didn't like this "work of art?" Kamina. The character drove me mad. I hate people who try to tell people theres a better way to live their life and disrespect anothers culture. That's what I got from this character. His "cool, arrogant, can do anything" attitude didn't strike me like everyone elses because one of the characters traits irked me to no end. He died half way through and I was actually happy. Then I stopped watching altogether.

Another really popular anime(and manga) is Death Note. Now, I've only seen the live action movie but man... Light is a douche bag. I have this thing that effects my opinion on anything in entertainment-if I can't like the main character then I won't like the series. Sometimes thats not true but all my favorite stories have characters I love. Now... Light gets this notebook where he writes names down and they die so he takes it upon himself to kill evil people. Of course, power corrupts and when the authorities start getting onto him he maneuvers in ways that ultimately turn me off. Like engineering his girlfriends death. Yeah... in true fashion the characters I do think are decent usually die in these types of stories. No thank you to Death Note.

The next one will also annoy anime fans. I hate Eva. Neon Genesis Evangelion. Yeah, yeah, yeah... it's a psychologically challenging sci-fi/mecha series with religious overtones. But you know what I see? Twenty six episodes of beating the crap out of its characters until there is no hope or joy in their hearts. Yes... its is ridiculously depressing. I like the animation. I like the music. I think its a neat idea. But I hate everything that happens. I also believe it has the worst ending of any series I have ever seen. The fact that they keep remaking parts of Eva and people keep shelling out cash to see them retell the same story over and over puzzles me to no end.

Three anime that I dislike and the reasons for them.

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