Thursday, July 17, 2008

This Weeks Comix-7/17/08

Batman & the Outsiders #9-No one at the shop follows this comic so i don't no if this is the last Dixon issue. If it is, a shame. So much going on that the next writer has a lot to try and figure. Good issue but not the best in the series.

Tiny Titans #6-Best of the week. The stuff with Raven and Trigon was gold.

Trinity # 7-Good first part, skipped the back up. Still... I'm not exactly thrilled by the series yet.

Ultimate X-Men Vol. 18: Apocalypse-I disliked Kirkmans first few trades but then it picked up with Cable. That said, this one sucked. Salavador Larrocca does the worst artwork I've ever seen from him and the other artists who finished off didn't impress me. He crammed so much into these issues that Apocalypse, despite beating the crap out of everyone, doesn't really feel like an epic villain. He came off as being bad ass for the sake of being bad ass. The Sinister and Apocalypse relationship aren't explored and neither are the characters. I think Vaughan used Sinister best in his arc even if he gave him little back story. Overall, I hated it.

next week looks... eh. I've pretty much abandoned the X-titles so not picking up Uncanny #500. Trinity, Madame Xanadu, and Diana Prince vol. 2. Lame... maybe I'll try something new.

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