Sunday, March 23, 2008

I Hope Your Favorite Superheroes Die!

Way back, okay a few years, there was a crossover called War Games in the Batman books. Which I did kind of like. However during it former Robin and important supporting character from Robin and Batgirls comics named Stephanie Brown aka the Spoiler was tortured and killed. Now, I liked the character(more than Tim Drake/Robin despite reading much less with her) so I was sad to see her go. Now I didn't make a fuss but agreed with fans who were hoping to see her return. Now, there's a website called Girl Wonder that was rallying for at least a memorial for the character which DC did not do. At least until a recent, possibly hallucination, in a Batman comic. However it looks like Stephanie Brown is a live and kicking. Yay. More info here.

This brings me to the point in my heading-what the fuck is wrong with some of you comic fans? Seriously I don't understand why anyone would take their time to insult comic fans for wanting a company to respect a character that was treasured. Oh, she's not any major character but she had her fans. I find it amazing that comic fans, er-superhero fans I mean, are against fictional characters. This same people would get online and bitch and complain if a character they like got screwed over but it's okay for them because its the character they like. BS.

The comic message boards are filled with such juvenile, idiotic, moronic so-called fans. Why don't you all just shut up and let some people be happy instead of trying to piss on people because you're having an f'ed up day.

Pfff. Okay, I'm done ranting.

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