Sunday, March 23, 2008

I Got Anger Issues...(and other stuff)

According to blog@rama. I was annoyed after some of the posts about Spoiler there, and even various posts over the last few months on the Ramas boards. Maybe I didn't clearly represent my thoughts but whatever. Anyway, I'm a bit annoyed now but I'm easily annoyed. Angry-please... takes a lot to get me angry and some internet folks talking trash, or talking about me, online isn't going to do that. Besides, it's the net-you can't read too much into someones emotions based on what they write.

I just want to enjoy comics. I don't like someone telling me "the facts" as they see it. Or disrespecting characters I like. Seems to happen a lot nowadays. Guess I should just stick to reading comic news and skipping everything else. But sometimes the best reviews are the ones you get from fans online.

In other news, I'm watching Chobits. Which is alright. Waiting for Bubblegum Crash and Ranma 1/2 season 6 anime. Plus the first Fruits Basket Ultimate Collection HC manga. So I'm going to be enjoying those.

Also volume 2 collection of the awesome Dr. McNinja webcomic is ready to order. Great, funny book.

This week I'm getting All Star Superman and Green Lantern. Showcase Booster Gold and Jack Kirby's Fourth World are added to my mail order list which also has... er... I don't remember. Got my last package which included Justice League International HC, Empowered Vol. 3(which I bought anyway), several comics(including the buzz Buffy #12) and... that's right... EXCEL SAGA VOLUME 17!!! Expect my summary of that by next weekend.

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