Monday, March 17, 2008

Pull List Changes/More Manga & Anime

I'm doing alright in fixing my pull list. Have cut some stuff, but sadly added a few. I've caved and will try the weekly Trinity(Superman, batman and Wonder Woman) but will order them through subscription service for cheaper. Madame Xanadu from Vertigo I'll be trying. That's for new series. I'll probably end up dropping Robin if Stephanie Brown isn't the Spoiler. We'll see.

I need more alternative comics but the problem I always have is that most are mini-series or the schedule isn't frequent enough. In some cases its that i worry the creators are going to ditch to do that "big company project." Still I am trying Jeff Smith's RASL and might look at Terry Moore's Echo in trade.

I have found the next manga series to back track, and that's Fruits Basket since Tokyopop has been releasing this larger, hardcover, and nicely priced ultimate collections. So I won't have to buy all the smaller volumes. Which is good since the series runs 22 volumes apparently. I added Steel Fist Riku, Gantz, and soon Black Lagoon to my list. That will probably be it for a while.

As for anime, damn-there's a lot of stuff I want. I'm hunting the original Bubblegum Crisis works. great cyberpunk with awesome music. Well, the real music and not the badly done Americanized versions of the songs. Waiting for volumes 3-4 and then I'm going after the Bubblegum Crash and AD Police volumes. I like the original BGC compared to the re-envisioning BGC: Tokyo 2040. Though the original is shorter I love the look of it and the music is great. Every episode of the original had its own soundtrack. Just read that the original character designer, Kenichi Sonoda of Gunsmith Cats fame, refused to participate.

After that theres several things I want including the two seasons of Sailor Moon I haven't seen, the complete 3x3 Eyes, Chobits, and complete Nadesico(though the movie appears to be out of print. oh well). All those I can find in imports. I'll wait on an import version of My-Otome series. I could get it in subtitles right now but rather wait. The hardest ones are going to be You're Under Arrest and Urusei Yatusura. Under Arrest TV series, movie, and specials have been released but some of the OVAs haven't. Those I might be able to find on imports. It's a lengthy series but the four box sets are still in stock at most places so that's good. But Yatsura, Lum, thats something different. 50 DVDs and six movies. Insane. The box sets are gone. Pff....

I'm also following School Rumble, Welcome to the NHK, Black Lagoon(which I will rebuy in English if Funimation does get the license) and Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Fuck... I might have to drop some more comics.

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