Friday, September 7, 2007

Wonder Woman and Superman Had A Daughter Named A-Ko?

I've seen this anime dozens of times and never once noticed this until getting the special edition today and reading up on it in wikipedia.

* Among the subtle clues that hint that A-ko's parents are none other than DC Comics characters Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) and Clark Kent (Superman):
o A Superman symbol on her father's shirt is partially shown;
o A-ko's father is shown reading a newspaper titled "The Daily Plenet" (misspelled in the anime);
o A-ko normally wears wrist bands akin to Wonder Woman's "Bands of Submission" and laments not having them when a fight breaks out at a fancy dinner;
o A-ko's mother is shown in a stars and stripes apron in FINAL.

This explains where A-ko received her superhuman strength and speed. However, in no way whatsoever does it explain anything else, like how they met and why they went to Japan.

Apparently, Tony Stark was the inspiration for B-Kos father.

It would also appear that B-ko's father is based on Marvel Comics' Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man. He looks a bit like Tony, is a rich businessman, and helped B-ko design her powersuit (he even uses a copy of one himself). Others have claimed that he more closely resembles American super-tycoon Ted Turner.
Now I'll have to hunt down the two A-Ko DVDs I don't have.

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