Thursday, September 6, 2007

Popular Writers That Are Just Okay With Me

I make this plan and simple, within comics I really have one favorite, Grant Morrison. I like other creators but at this time if Morrisons name on it, I'll buy it. Minus all the various trade collection's I need to eventually buy from him of older material. But if he has new work I'll buy it. But other than that, writers and artists I like I don't necessarily check out for the simple fact I really pick up titles best on a combination of things: writer, artist, story, and characters. Because of this I've found myself unable to fully get interested in some of the great comic creators. or, just generally, maybe its how I feel after I read several of their works.

Alan Moore: Moore's written my favorite Superman story and one of my fav Batman stories and that's where it ends. I like Watchmen, but I don't love it. I thought Promethea was fun but I haven't reread it since I bought it. The only time I pull it out is to gander at the art. I've read bits and pieces here and there and while he did write two stories I love, none of his own creations have ever interested me enough to make me want to just go out and really delve into his library. I said once to my uncle, "I like Frank Miller more, because he's big entertainment. Escapism. Alan Moore on the other hand, seems to write with a college grad in mind." It's not necessarily a criticism, it just, for me, feels like I'm not his audience. I never took an interest in classic books. Classic literature isn't my thing and that seems to be what Moore does best. I just like to read fun titles and while Moore does stuff I like, I sometimes feel I'm missing the big picture in his more popualr works. Though I just got his WildCATs in the mail. Hope it's fun.

Neil Gaiman: I have Sandman, I like it, but I dislike most the cast. that's thing, I can't enjoy titles where I don't like most the main characters. Outside Death, Delirium, and a few minor story arc characters I shrug. (This is why I hated Evangellion, by the way. Yep, I dislike popular stuff. Someone has to.) Plus the loss of fav artist Sam Keith early guarantee I never taken the liking to Sandman as many comic fans have. I've only ever read Death and 1602 after Sandman and I like Death, but thought 1602 was rather boring. I don't have the motivation to try his other titles. Though I thought it was stupid that the Sandman mini planned fell through. Another dumb DC decision.

Warren Ellis: For some reason, I don't like depressing. Okay, parts of Iron Man and Desolation Jones left this impression. When I think Ellis, I think something depressing is going to happen. I do like his approach to science and his explanations on how things work, but sometimes I just feel bored. Of the little stuff I've read of his, Nextwave's my fav and it's not on my top 50 anywhere. That said, I have high hopes for his X-Men run.

Yeah, I know, I have no taste in comics. I just like fun, escapist comics that speak to me-the cynical adult with the child within who just wants some high drama, great characters, big action, thrills and chills with that larger-then-life feel. Plus a bit of humor and optimism goes a long way with me. All the guys mentioned have written stuff I like, but I'm not some big fan of theirs. But with comics, it's always the material that means more to me then the persons working on it.

edit: Oh, since I grew up reading some of Frank Millers stuff I'd say he's a favorite. But I really don't care for Daredevil so I have no interest in his run. I tried it, I don't like it. Yeah... Ronin and Batman Year One are amazing. Not necessarily the stuff I should like but I do love those titles so much. Sin City's fun too.

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