Friday, September 14, 2007

In the Mood For Real Goth Rock

The other day I got a few goth rock and semi-goth rock tracks to add to my growing lists of mix CDs. I say semi because the associations of some of this bands to goth rock depends on your POV. My point of view is that real goth rock is slow punk or brooding hard rock. Misfits have an element of goth though their technically punk rock. Both genres though are intertwined. The Cramps some would consider the forefathers to psychobilly but also have goth elements in their music. Which would make them fathers of gothabilly. Which I learned of today. So I snatched me up some of this bands work. Also some old school stuff with Alien Sex Fiend, Lords of the New Church, 69 Eyes(apparently they started in 1989, they seem to getting more popular now) and, er, Gun Club(I don't know. Maybe their just hard rock. Oh, death rock too? That counts.)

Misfits-Hybrid Moments

Cramps-Ultra Twist

Lords of the New Church-Holy War

69 Eyes-Gothic Girl

Gun Club-Sex Beat

Alien Sex Fiend-I Walk the Line

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