Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Trent Reznor wants Australian fans to steal his album.

Jim Broadbent to play Slughorn in next picture. I'm surprised to notice I haven't seen that many movies with this man outside Hot Fuzz. Or I have and haven't noticed. All in all, I'm happy with the Potter films thus far.

On the new box set for Avataer" the Last Air Bender season two there's an interview with the creators and M. Night Shaylaman about adapting the cartoons into film. Sounds like M. Night is keeping the creators in the loop and mentioned he had an outline for the first film running 7 hours in length. Talked about how hard it was to cut it down to 2 hours. Speaking of Avatar, there's dispute on the movie title from Fox as James Cameron is apparently making a movie entitled Avatar. Yeah, right... anyway I'm sure nothing will go wrong as Paramount will just call it Avatar the Last Air Bender the movie. Here's a trailer for season 3, starting Friday.

Watch Mad Men. That is a great show.

Seems Joss Whedon is making me wait for his Marvel books. Part 5 of Runaways out in December as well as his final astonishing X-Men issue. On the plus side, new X-Factor trade and the first essential of Heroes for Hire. Some decent stuff from DC but nothing to important to me. Though I buy more of them then Marvel, I am still avoiding most Countdown stuff.

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Lulu--Back in Town said...

Okay, I love Jim Broadbendt. I think he'll be a perfect Slughorn.